Monday, March 18, 2013

Nothing is Sacred: Journalism Today

Two old friends meet in Delhi to talk about where journalism is and where it is going, through their personal stories.

Sanjeev Ghimire is a writer, editor and publisher from Kathmandu, now in Delhi. He is working on Foreigner, an international magazine devoted to readers in exile.

Salik Shah started Kathmandu Speaks in 2006 and he quit Kathmandu two years later. He was working at the largest news portal in the country. He copy-edited a U.S. newspaper for a year and then moved on to pursue advertising and filmmaking.

He now runs Pulpflow: a design, strategy and communication firm in Delhi.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 ways to start taking control

At first glance, it would seem that positive thinking and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have nothing to do with one another. But many of us with ADD develop negative thinking patterns because we become frustrated by our challenges and frequent feelings of being overwhelmed. This negative outlook then makes it even harder for us to manage those challenges and move forward.

Practicing positive thinking allows people with ADD to focus on our strengths and accomplishments, which increases happiness and motivation. This, in turn, allows us to spend more time making progress, and less time feeling down and stuck. The following tips provide practical suggestions that you can use to help you shift into more positive thinking patterns:

1. Take Good Care of Yourself
It's much easier to be positive when you are eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.

2. Remind Yourself of the Things You Are Grateful For
Stresses and challenges don't seem quite as bad when you are constantly reminding yourself of the things that are right in life. Taking just 60 seconds a day to stop and appreciate the good things will make a huge difference.

3. Look for the Proof Instead of Making Assumptions
A fear of not being liked or accepted sometimes leads us to assume that we know what others are thinking, but our fears are usually not reality. If you have a fear that a friend or family member's bad mood is due to something you did, or that your co-workers are secretly gossiping about you when you turn your back, speak up and ask them. Don't waste time worrying that you did something wrong unless you have proof that there is something to worry about.

4. Refrain from Using Absolutes
Have you ever told a partner "You're ALWAYS late!" or complained to a friend "You NEVER call me!"? Thinking and speaking in absolutes like 'always' and 'never' makes the situation seem worse than it is, and programs your brain into believing that certain people are incapable of delivering.

5. Detach From Negative Thoughts
Your thoughts can't hold any power over you if you don't judge them. If you notice yourself having a negative thought, detach from it, witness it, and don't follow it.

6. Squash the "ANTs"
In his book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life," Dr. Daniel Amen talks about "ANTs" - Automatic Negative Thoughts. These are the bad thoughts that are usually reactionary, like "Those people are laughing, they must be talking about me," or "The boss wants to see me? It must be bad!" When you notice these thoughts, realize that they are nothing more than ANTs and squash them!

7. Practice Lovin', Touchin' & Squeezin' (Your Friends and Family)
You don't have to be an expert to know the benefits of a good hug. Positive physical contact with friends, loved ones, and even pets, is an instant pick-me-up. One research study on this subject had a waitress touch some of her customers on the arm as she handed them their checks. She received higher tips from these customers than from the ones she didn't touch!

8. Increase Your Social Activity
By increasing social activity, you decrease loneliness. Surround yourself with healthy, happy people, and their positive energy will affect you in a positive way!

9. Volunteer for an Organization, or Help another Person
Everyone feels good after helping. You can volunteer your time, your money, or your resources. The more positive energy you put out into the world, the more you will receive in return.

10. Use Pattern Interrupts to Combat Rumination
If you find yourself ruminating, a great way to stop it is to interrupt the pattern and force yourself to do something completely different. Rumination is like hyper-focus on something negative. It's never productive, because it's not rational or solution-oriented, it's just excessive worry. Try changing your physical environment - go for a walk or sit outside. You could also call a friend, pick up a book, or turn on some music.

When it comes to the corporate world, protocol is pretty much the religion. To know the things needed to do are the basics of productivity, but interaction and having a steady mind makes up the entire thing to true productivity. There are those who seem to work well even under pressure, but they're uncommon ones and we are human and imperfect. To get these little things like stress under our skins won't solve our problems. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage to admit that we're turning to be workaholics than tell ourselves that we're not doing our best.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

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Indians emerging in the biggest wealth creator list

Forbes has published a list of biggest wealth creator list on thrusday. American investor Warren Buffet has overtaken Microsoft head Bill gates to become the biggest wealth creator. Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is after him in the list.
4 Indian's have made their position in the top 10 wealth creators including Anil Ambani in the lead. Anil Ambani is biggest wealth creator according to forbes.Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani and K P singh is other three Indians who made place in the top 10.
The world's Billionaires list has now 1,125 people now which was only 179 last year. And they combines total wealth of $4.4 trillion.Buffet topped the list with networth of $62 billion. Carlos Slim and Bill Gates follow him with $60 billion and $58 billion respectively. Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani are in the list after them with networth or 45, 43, 42 respectively in billion.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

India win 2nd final

India beats Australia by 9 runs to win the second final game of best-of-three CB tri-series finals by 2-0. Sachin Tendulkar shines agains to make wonderful 91 runs which made their score 258 for 9. In response Australia went all out for 249. Indian young bowler Praveen kumar who was also the man of the match, took 4 wickets which helped a lot for the Indians to make the win. Shreesanth and Irphan Pathan took two wickets each. Pathan took the winning wicket of James Hopes. The game was on trouble for Assuies after three dismissals including Gilchrist, Symond and Ponting but pair of Hussy and Hopes brought the game back.
Captain Dhoni batted including a six and couple of fours totaling 36 runs . Robin Uthappa made 30 runs and Yuvraj Singh collected 38 runs to help make a target of 258 runs.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tuberculosis in Nepal

According to a report published in Nepali Times almost half of the over 25 million population are infected with TB, leading some doctors to call this Nepal's 'national disease'. Infected people carry the bacilllus, but don't have the symptoms. However, they can pass it on to other people.
Of these, up to 90,000 people have active TB and there are 44000 new cases of the disease every year. But Nepal is also one of the success stories in using DOTS to reduce TB nortality. The number of people dying from TB has plummeted from 18,000 in 1994 to 11,000 today.

But multi-drug resistance is also growing. In 1999-2002, based on 755 patients with no history of previous treatment resistance was 5.4 percent for isoniazid, 8.9 percent to streptomycin and multi-drug resistance TB was 1.9 percent. These figures are estimated to have gone up in recent years.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Refurbished product to get better deal

When a product is sold, that returns sometimes because that is damaged or by any other problem. It might be sometimes because of customer return. Several brands offers certain day return policy so customer will return the product being unsatisfied by the performance of the product, not physical condition. And Sometimes the item can be damaged while shipping. And sometimes its supposed to be refurbished product in the case of overstock. And they are then repaired if damage and sold fore less price. Thats how you can save money from it. Do not always bargain in the stores, check for refurbished products, you might save a lot more from it. You can either buy directly buy from the stores otherwise from retailers.

For example Secondact sells refurbished HDTVs of several brands. You can find any brand of HDTV from sony, samsung to sharp and philips. You can navigate the store by price, size or brand. Deal of the day, New arrivals sections etc helps you to find whats hot. If you're looking for HDTV's on better deal then Secondact can be a great place to buy refurbished HDTVs.