Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5.11 Tactical Denim Pants

I'm a huge fan of Denim pants. I have lots of them. I love almost every kind of Jeans. I feel very comfortable in pants. In school, office and home too.

Just came across some very nice and cool 5.11 tactical pants. They look very nice and reasonable too. This pant is one of the best selling pants all over the world and has rear strap and slash pocket design. They ship the pants for free. I might be shopping it soon.

Mint Credit Cards

Are you looking for a credit cards? Hold, don't pick anything you get ahead you. Specially if you're a newbie in cards then you might have several problems later with your cards. You should choose a good card according to your requirements. I also got a credit card about some months ago, but I'm not using that anymore because that does not work like I want. I mean that does not have all the features what I wanted.

Mint Credit Card is one of the credit card I found very good among the cards I've used ever.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get Home Plan Designed in Easy Way

Home is such things which are not bought and sold often. So generally when people make or buy home it is made for long. So if there is any mistake or if there is something missed that will be bad. You might be looking to make new homes of your dream. A good house plan is required to have a house of dream before making it.

HDA Inc. specialize in home planning. They are working on home planning since long. Now they are available all over the world, anyone can order a home plan from their site according to their requirements. People can order home plan of their own choice or can choose from bunch of pre-designed home plans. They specialize on designing from A-Frame house to Bungalow, English Cottage House Plans,Vacation House, Small Ranch House Plans, Log Cabin House Plans to garage and furniture projects.


The house planning application on their site allows the users to design the homeplan of their choice. They have lots of  of home building resources and helpful tools with in their website which makes peoples search of good homeplan easy.

SiX French Charged

Six French nationals are charged for children kidnapping in  Sudan's war battered region Dafor. They were about to fly to France with 103 children who were orphan. If they found guilty, they will be sent jail for 20 year with hard labor. After the French charity, they tried to put the children on a plane last week. Three French journalist were also charged with complicity, altogether 17 people are detained.

Authorities even would charge seven person flight crew with complicity. BBC has reported the flight crew were of Spanish nationality. According to source more than four years of conflict there has left more than 200,000 people dead and 2.5 million displaced.

"Children are being interviewed by authorities", said Mariam Coulibaly Ndiave UNICEF's representative in Chad. According to UNICEF many of  the kids involved said they came from villages.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and President Idriss Deby are going to discuss on this matter this weekend. Deby has assured, a debacle over a charity's effort to spirit children out of the country will not affect plans to deploy European Union peacekeepers there to protect refugees from neighboring Darfur.

Flexible and Affordable loan

Flexible and affordable loan is not easy to find but not hard too. I can across a new site today. Its called Magicloans. The provide loan in several subjects. They provider Homeowner loans, Secured Home Loans, Secured Loans. They say they listens very carefully to what customers really want unlike most companies. Sounds cool. They give loan ranging from 5000 pound to 250,000 depending upon the costumers status and income. There is a budget calculator on their site to find how how much loan can one afford. Customer Recommendation on the site shows that MagicLoans is a good thing.

Drug Warlord Died!

A Burmese drug emperor, Khun Sa, died who was once one of the world's most wanted. He had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure though the cause of death is still unknown. He was living his mid-seventies.

He fought on the name of independence for the Shan people, an ethnic minority group based mainly in Burma, for 30 years. He had few hundreds armies who were untied under the Shan United Army. After signing a peace deal in 1996, he had been living under the protection of the military rulers, despite the US offering $2m (£1m) for his capture. It is said that Burmese government was largely funded by his drugs empire.

He himself always claimed to be a freedom fighter which his critics said just a good idea to make his black money to white.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Feeling like I'm in love

I don't know do I really love her or its just a what's that called in English, infatuation yeah. But I feel good with her. She came here today morning. She was looking adorable, gorgeous and beautiful. It had been long since I saw her last time. We walked sometimes together. My bad, I couldn't spend much timer with her because I had meeting with her father.

          She is romantic, intellectual and education. I don't know am I gonna propose her any day or not. She doesn't seem interested on me. She didn't even say miss you when I came back from 15 days long holiday hehe. Doesn't matter we fall in relationship or not, I'll always be loving her company. And if loving the company is called love then I'm in love with her.

Find People Worthy of Your Love

I came across a very interesting things. Find people worthy of your love.

Think of the five most successful people you know. Now think of the five happiest. How many made both lists?

Most people think of success in terms of possessions and achievements, while happiness is a state of mind. It’s common to think success will bring happiness, but that’s often not the case.

Think about what the people on your happy list have in common. I’ll bet they have better-than- average relationships, especially with their spouses and children. Of course, other factors besides good relationships also tend to produce happiness -- like good health, enjoying one’s work, and having fun. And people driven by spiritual and ethical values usually are more content than those who measure success in terms of prosperity, pleasure, and peer approval.

Still, if I had to choose the one thing most essential to happiness, it would be good relationships.

Think about it. The happiness quotient of people who live high-flying lives of the rich and famous or the swinging lives of the young and beautiful is surprisingly low. Yes, these people experience plenty of moments of soaring satisfaction, but they become harder to duplicate and sustain. Often such people are left with an "Is that all there is?" feeling that can lead to depression and boredom.

No matter how rich, sexy, or famous one is, happiness is almost impossible for people who have hurtful and unsatisfying relationships. Yet people surrounded by the affection, love, and respect of others can find their way to happiness in spite of economic hardship, hard work, and even ill health.

That’s good news. We can’t all be rich, famous, or beautiful, but we can all find people worthy of our love.

Garage accessories

I have a very unmanaged and small garage. I wanted to decorate it like my friends garage but no money. Finally I'm planning to buy something to pimp my garage. some metal cabinets, pegboard, car lift and tool boxes. I can recommend you a very good place if you're also looking for it. Carguygarage have everything you need for you garage. I was comparing this site with other garage accessories sites and I found it better than other.

Fifa dropped World cup rotation policy

Fifa has abandoned its policy of rotating the World Cup between continents giving chance for English to bid to stage the Cup in 1018. Football association said the new very encouraging and there is a very strong change of England's bidding. Prime Minister also said that FA bid will get a full government support.

England had earlier hosted World Cup 52 years back . Football Association have yet to decide whether to bid for the tournament and Fifa says there are bunch of big, greate candidates to host the Cup.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cartidge Finder

Just like to point you a cool place for the printer cartridge. I bought some cartridge from CartridgeFinder. More than ten thousand of different models they have and their easy user interface makes it easy for you to figure out which cartridges are required for you.

The site also uses PriceGrabber's merchant list for the best price so you can find the product in best price in Cartridge Finder.


Apples Vista Killer in Market

The latest update of Apple Mac Operating System OS X, Leopard goes on sale on Friday. The release of Leopard was much awaited by the Mac fans after Apple had pushed back the launch of the OS to finish the development on the much hyped iPhone. The early sales and reviews of the OS is positive and apple is expecting to make strong sales of its Mac Computers by taking advantage of Leopard.

People are saying that apple is touting it as a vista-killing pointing to new features which is not found in Windows Vista. They say they have three hundred new features including some of the minor tweaks.

Some Cool Thing About Vienna

I am working on a new site about travel so I am doing a quite of research on some cities including Berlin and Vienna and informations about them like hotels on Berlin,hotels in Vienna flights and places to visit.  I like so share what I got from my research here.

Kunsthistorischen Museum is one of the very popular museums in the world. This museum is in Vienna, Austria. The Museum have the largest collection of Bruegel paintings, MuseumsQuartier with Leopold Museum, Museum of modern art and kunsthalle rank among the cities most important cultural venues. Vienna is very popular because of the world class and celebrated composers who were from Vienna. Mozart and Beethoven are extremely popular in the Music Industry. Vienna's any greenspace and recreational areas such as the Wienerwald, the Prater and the Donauinsel are must see place for the visitors.

                 You can book hotels in Vienna from . This site also have informations and booking facility for your desired hotels in Berlin and other European countries and cities.

Current Premier League Affairs

Manchester united climbed into the first position of the Premier League on saturday with 4-1 win against Middlesbrough with two goal of Carlos Tevez. That was their eighth successive league vistory and four goals in a match for the fourth time in a row. Arsenal is after the Manchester united which might bag the first place when they travel to Liverpool for the 13th consecutive victory in all competitions. Chelsea in other game stole the limelight with 6-0 win over the third placed Manchester City. Didier Drogba did couple of goals against City.
Fulham was stucked on a draw with 10-man Sunderland with 1-1 goal and Reading beat Newcastle 2-1 in other games. Birmingham City twice came from behind to beat Wigan Athletic 4-3 at home. 

Win Exciting Prizes at bid4prizes

I saw this site long time ago but never tried. Actually I didn't have time to see it. One of my friend in Denver told me that his cousin won a prize from this site. So this site again caught my eye. I am going to try it now. I hope I will get something.

                   Bid4prizes is a very good site with never before concept. You can win Free gifts from this site. All you have to do win the price is get the lowest unique bid for your desired prize and you win. Its bidding but you actually need to pay nothing to win anything here. The bid prize is used as the identification of the winner. They even pay for the shipping. Unlike in other auction the lowest bidder wins the prize. You can play it with your mobile phone. There are a lot of things to be won, from a holiday package to a plasma tv and even luxury cars. Its all about Sweepstake, Cash prize etc.  So, its easy to play.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Things to visit in paris

I am not a frequent traveller but I have travelled most of the big cities in Europe. It was about six month ago I trvelled last time and I am planning to visit Paris after one year. I don't know much about how to travel there. But I know that there are lots of places to visit. I have specially heard a lot of the eifel tower, hotels in paris and the night life of Paris. Some of my friends visited paris last year and I missed that. I've  also seen paris being mentioned in the fashion topic also. It seems like a very fashionable city. Musee d'Orsay is a museum about which i've heard a lot from my friends and other people. This museum holds few of the best example of arts in the world how over its collection cosists of more recent works. Some of the artists features in that musuem are rodin, degas, renoir etc. 
                 There is several good Hôtels en Paris according to my friends. They booked hotel before leaving and they enjoyed the nightlife fully. I also came across a good site which serves booking in Paris hotels. Cheaperthanhotels offers last minute and year round accommodation at prices often less than direct prices. I hope I will be able to do this travel as soon as possible, I have to finish my exam first.

Marian Jones Accepts Ban

Sprinter Marian Jones has returned those five medals which she won in 2000 Sydney Olympic games and accepted the two year ban said to her admitting that she had used performance enhancing drugs according to the US Anti Doping Agency. The five relinquished medals include three gold and two bronzes. They will be returned to International Olympic  Committee for awarding to another appropriate winners.

             USOC have also called on US athletes the players who've played in the medal winning 4*100 and 4*400 meter relays with Jones in the same Olympic to return their medals saying they won unfairly. Jones admitted that the drugs came from Balco laboratory at the centre of US sport's biggest doping scandal and that was give to her my her former coach. Her two year ban began Monday and officials said that they will request the return of more than $100,000 which Jones have received by winning the game.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Website Optimization Firm

Website is a good way to promote a business. Now everything is going online. People are selling the products online now. Everything is available for shopping online. People can shop everything sitting in home. Everything is done from website now. Once you have a good website and a good number of visitor then the business can go very good with the help of website.

Creating a website is not enough for business. Anyone can create a website for a small fee but the problem is getting visitor to the website. It doesn't matter how beautiful is your website unless people see it. So it needs a lot of visitor to a website to get profit from the website. It need search engine optimization to get a lot of visitor to a website. Search engine optimization includes several techniques ranging from link building to content optimization and other techniques. There are a lot of website optimization firm which provides affordable service. Their website optimization process includes cutting edge blog marketing, advanced linking strategies, SEO strategies and high level consulting. I recommend this website optimization firm if you're starting a website. This is necessary for the successful website.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cash Advance and Payday Loans

This kind of loans were not available in my place so I knew about it very lately. This is very wonderful loan service. Its short-term, small and unsecured consumer loan. The best thing is no credit checks are required for this. Consumer can apply for thousands of cash through Internet with loans ranging from $100 to $1500. Payday loans depends upon employment status, minimum income and an active checking or savings account. Loan term varies generally from 4 days to a month.

I came across a website called cashadvance1500 and knew a lot of things about cash advance loan and payday loans. They have a information about pay day loan from starting. The procedure of getting payday loan is defined and they also have review of some good cash advance loan providers.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Have fun with Quibblo

 I just stumbled a interesting site. Its called Quibblo. Its a Quiz website. Anyone can create quiz, poll and survey online. And anyone can participate on the quiz. There are a lot of quizzes always going on. What I actually find interesting is, the quizzes are not just like quizzes, its like gossiping with friends. Like are you smarter than Paris Hilton, when will meet your boyfriend and other. Very interesting, you need to see this.

 There are several quizzes categorized. You can search quiz by categories like baseball quizzes, education quizzes, anime quizzes etc.

ATM's in Train

Indian Railways are planning to have ATMs In some of the Rails. People will be able to withdraw money whlie traveling in trains. ATM will be installed in some of the selected and popular Trains in the starting and will extend in more trains depending upon the success of the facility.

According to Indian Railyway Ministry officials the discussion is going on with some banks to finalise the ATM project. There are already  enough ATM's in many Stations in India and this will be the newest facility for them in Banking.

Couponchief helps you to buy holiday gifts

Holiday is coming soon. There is Halloween, then Thanksgiving coming in the way. I am a Hindu so there is biggest festival ahead. Its Dashain. Let me tell you something about Dashain, you might not know about it. Dashain is a biggest festival of Nepali Hindus. It is celebrated till 15 days and Dashain is celebrated as Navaratri in India by Hindu People.

So what are you planning for gift to your people? For your girlfriend? I don't have girlfriend but I have to gift something to my dear sisters. I'm not sure what I'm buying but saw something good in Couponchief.I saw dell coupons on Couponchief. My sister was looking for a dell laptop,if I buy this to her, she will definitely be very happy. Couponchief is a good website for online shopping coupons. There are coupons available for a lot of other products. You can find bestbuy, amazon, ebags and Target Coupons and all other online stores.

So if you're looking to buy something for your people or yourself, don't forget to couponchief, it will help you to get better look.  

Australia Won despite of Yuvaraj's Hundred

A fabulous Hundred by Yuvi did not help to rich the huge target set by Australia for India. The early losses of 3 wickets of India was the biggest disaster for India. Robin Uthappa and Rahul Dravid went pavilion for zero run and opener Gambhir only made 6 runs. Tendulkar made some 40 runs and made a good partnership with Yuvi. Yuvi continued the partnership with MS Dhoni too but they went really slow. But it was very hard for them against the awesome bowling by Bret Lee and the very strict fielding by all Australian team.  

        Australia batting early made 290 runs with the loss of 7 wickets. Australia is leading the series by 2-0. The first ODI was halted by rain and was considered as tie.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Easiest Hotel Reservation

Hotel reservation before the travel is most important thing. Many people just go thinking I'll find of hotel after reaching there. But that may cause hell of trouble later. Actually I used to do that always and I had a very hard time once and then I never to out before confirming the hotel. I was once in India, I didn't know that there is a holiday that time, I had not booked the hotel. When I went there and asked for a hotel room, they said there is no room in hotel left. I went another hotel, same answer. Finally I got a very bad room at 1 am in night. I have almost been out for all over the night. I never thought of going India before booking ticket after that.

               Only booking hotel does not mean thats perfect. The booking source should be reliable. That should be cheap and comfortable. Something like Hotel Reservations. I often book hotel rooms with . They provide hotel booking service for the hotels in all over the world. You can search hotels in every country and every city. You can check the availability of the hotels and then book it from the site. So you can be sure about your accommodation  and go to the holiday.There is a very nice hotel search engine in the site which makes your easier to find the hotel of your choice. You can search hotels by address, by amenities and by zip code.

             This site also have other facilities beside the hotel reservation.  Vacation rental, car rental and air tickets are also available in These things are also very easy to navigate just like hotel rooms. The site is in various major languages so it will be no problem of language for any of the travelers. The best thing about this site the lower rates. You can refine your search according to you requirement. For example if you need a hotel with fitness store then you even have an option for that. You can find the hotels which have fitness center directly from this site. I've also reserved hotel rooms with other website before but this is the best in my experience yet. I suggest anyone to use this if looking for hotel reservation for the holiday. 

Australia beat India in the Second ODI

The world champion Australia beat world twenty20 champion India by 88 run today in the second ODI. Indian Captain MS Dhoni won the toss and choose to bowl. He took a good decision to bowl wanting to take advantage of the early moisture on the pitch. The starting was fine. India took some early wickets including the Gilchrist's wicket for no run. But Australia get back into the game when Andrew Symonds and Brad Haddin scored 87 runs each as they posted an imposing 306 for 6 wickets.

            Later India well all out for 222 runs. Gautam Gamvir went out only for 7 runs and none of other top order batsman also did not play good. Tendulkar only made 16, Yuvara Singh went for 10 runs and Rahul Dravid only made 31 runs. MS Dhoni some good score but he played very slow. Robin Uthappa also played good making 41 runs with 2 sixes and 5 fours.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Discover, Learn, Plan, Save and Share in realtravel

This is what I call a complete travel website. I came across today and found it very useful and good website. Realtravel is a travel guide as well as a trip planner service backed by the advices from real travelers. Knowing only few about the places where you're going to visit before traveling can be very dangerous. Realtravel is the real solution for such people.

        If you're unsure about where to travel in next vacation then there might be several travel plans. And they are designed by the experienced travelers. You can learn about the place and people of where you're gonna travel. There are several travel deals suitable to your budget. You can choose any of them and get going. For example, here is a trip plan for south America. Its scheduled completely. Everything is well planned, where to visit, where to visit,how many time to be spent in a particular place and all that.

Sania Mirza enters the Second Round of Japan Open

Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza enters in the second of Japan Open Tennis today. She outplayed Japanese Player Ayumi Morita 6-0, 6-4 in the first round. This was the first game of her since her exit from US Open from third round last month. She had skipped the Sunfeast Open in Kolkata because of her wrist injury. She was expected to play very good in her home ground.

                 Sania Mirza will next face Australian Casey Dell'Acqua who beat Severine Bremond of France by 6-4, 6-0 in the first round. Sania will open her doubles campaign on Tuesday paring with America Christina Fusano. They will play against Urszula Radwanska of Poland and Agnes Szatmari of Romania.