Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prince Harry in Taleban fighting.

The MoD have confirmed that Prince Harry has been fighting in the Taleban on the Front line in Afaganistan. He has spent the last 10 weeks serving in Helmand Province. Prince is happy that he got change to do the soldiering which wanted to do. He also joked about his nickname " The bullet magnet" . Reports says the deployment of prince was subject to a news blackout but leaked by foreign media and now confirmed. But the British Army feels sorry about the leakage of news. The army has also showed its disappointment against the media who published the report without consulting with them.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that Prince Harry has been an exemplary soldier and the whole britain will be proud of his outstanding service.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'Billions' to be transferred on credit cards

More people are taking advantage of 0% introductory APR's on balance transfer. Its a good idea if you're carrying interest bearing balance. You can consider switching by transferring the balance to 0% inductory offer cards. There are plenty of such offer cards available. You can search around the web for it. And they are quite easy. You don't need to do more exercise to switch. Such 0% cards also offer cash back, rebates, reward points etc which is attracting even more people towards it.

I read an interesting figure about credit transfering cards in Magic loans.Magic loans is loan provider with typical 10.9% APR. It provides Homeowner Loans, consolidation loans and secured loans. According to the news, Some £6.68 billion will be transfered between credit cards with in next six months. The figures from the research by Sainsbury's Finace says over 4 million people wants to transfer their funds between now and july opting to switch to zero percent credit card deals from their current plastics. Estimated five million of people with outstanding balance are incurring and also admit that take them longer than a month to clear their spend according to Donald Macleod of Sainsbury's Finance.

A coded message of terrorist intrepreted

There is an old saying which says every criminal leaves behind a clue. Same thing happen with a terrorist who was accused of being involved in a twin blast in India. A coded email in found in draft folder of Riyazuddin Nasir and that is said that he had forgotten to delete that email. Investigators say the coded messeage talks about some other personal involved in the case.

The message read " Qayyum ka milo us se zaroor, rsn ka kuch hua.Plz plz dete raho apni warna, maze karte raho, hum bhi kub karte hain, ha ha ha ha.

Investigators say that he wants someone, to whom he was writing that mail want to meet Wayyum. He also asks some questions in the email which was saved on 21th August, which was four days before the blast in Lumbini Park in Hydarabad city of India. Riyazuddin Nasir was revealed to had planted the bomb in the park. Another word in the message rsn, according to investigators means ration which is code word for arms and ammunitions in terrorists language.

seems like emails have been very handy toll for the terrorist operations these days.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dhoni Tops Indian Auction Bidding

Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni have attracted the largest bid on the bidding at the Indian Premier League's inaugural auction. Dhoni received 1m USD of bid from Chennai when Australia's Adam GilChrist received $700,000 and Shane Warne received $450,000. Players will be paid annually by eight city by Eight city franchises. The players contract is secured for 3 years by BCCI. Here is the list of other players and their team.
Mahendra Dhoni: $1.5m (Chennai)
Andrew Symonds: $1.35m (Hyderabad)
Sanath Jayasuriya: $975,000 (Mumbai)
Ishant Sharma: $950,000 (Kolkata)
Irfan Pathan: $925,000 (Mohali)
Brett Lee : $900,000 (Mohali)
Jacques Kallis: $900,000 (Bangalore)
RP Singh: $875,000 (Hyderabad)
Harbhajan Singh: $850,000 (Mumbai)
Chris Gayle: $800,000 (Kolkata)

MS Dhoni was bought by Indian Cements where, Indian former captain Sourav Ganguly was bought by kolkata franchise which is backed by bollywood superstar Shar Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh's Kolkata franchise also bought Pakistan's troubled fast bowler shoiab Akhtar.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Coaster company furnitures

Furnitures holds large part of the household investment. Furnitures have become also the part of interior these days. People do not only buy a chair to sit on it but to make the interior look better. Furnitures costs sometimes very high regarding the material used on it and the designs. Coaster Company produces the most adorable and fancy furnitures which have been producing furnitures for dining room ,living room,bedroom and other accessories. Coaster Company furnitures can be bought from FurnitureFromHome.Purchasing FurnitureFromHome is the safe and easy and fast way to shop coster funiture online.
FurnitureFromHome is the online furniture supplier which sales furnitures from all leading furniture manufactures. You can find any kind of furnitures ranging from sligh bed, queen beds, king beds and dining room set and living room set needed for your home or office from FurnitureFromHome.

Increasing use of Credit Cards

Credit card is the most used and accepted payment methods and it have been the very important factor since its introduced in UK on 1966. One can spend any amount of money until he can pay it back. Thats the main reason why people use credit card a lot. There are credit cards available for every class of people now. There are a lot of benefits of using credit cards over traditional cash payment method. That depends upon which card you have. Some cards provide purchase protection for free. The rights under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, buyers have valuable rights when they buy using credit cards.
However not all credit cards are good. Some have high interest rates and some have other disadvantages. One should check what credit card offers and what other features does the credit card have before going to apply for a credit card. Comparing one credit cards with each other can also help to find which credit card is suitable for one.

Bai ling accused of shoplifting

The chinese actress Bai Ling has been accused of shoplifting and arrested wednesday in Los Angeles International Airport. A shop employee detained Ling for shoplifting two packet of batteries and two celebrity magazines. The items had total value of sixteen USD according to the police. She has been booked for investigation and ten released after agreeing to appear in court on March.
Ling has played in movies " The Crow" and "Anna and the King". She is also a part of popular TV series "Lost". Her good looks and ecentric outfits have been the topic of celebrity magazines. A photo is posted in her blog by herself, waiting for delayed flight in the Airport the same day. But nothing is mentioned about the arrest in the blog.
Windering if the chinese new year ended and people are rushing in the cold wind to work now? Life is a sad song sometime but still sings the beauty for their loved ones......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting Expert IT advices over Phone

Are you having problem with your gadgets? With you TV or Oven or other electronics? Or with your wireless Internet? No time to take your things to technicians? Then why don't you do them yourself? I mean of course you can do it if someone tell you step by step, or if you get a very clear and expert advices. Whats what does. I've been using their Home IT support since years. Specially they help with my Internet problems and computer repair and all other computer problems. I am not too much technical so, I often have problems even from the spywares, malwares and hell of other wares and I don't know about them. I always get them to clear the problems.
They provide support service from phone as well as home IT support. Some people do not like the outsiders come to the home. In such case BT is the wonderful thing. You can solve your problem without anyone coming to your house. And Telephone support service is very useful in emergency problems. Their home IT support covers your all computer and other device support and well as you'll learn a lot of hits and tips from them. BT is very good resource for non-technical users.

Choose better furnitures for better home

I came across various furniture stores last Saturday and finally bought a bed and sofa for my bigger new apartment. And I checked some online furniture stores today. I found a lot more better furnitures and cheaper ones. I knew that I didn't only wasted money but also my time. Furnitures are also available now in online furniture stores. I found a lot of good padded barstool in FurnitureFromHome which I didn't find in stores near my place. has a great collection of all kind of furnitures. You can navigate to their store by the shape of your room, color and your requirements. They also provide nationwide free home delivery service within United Nations.

New controversy with Sanjaya Dutta

And this time about his marriage. Bollywood star aka Munna Bhai, Sanjaya Dutta is in trouble and controversy since last year and this time about his new marriage with her long time girlfriend Manyata. Authorities in GOA state in India have issued probe on their marriage registration process. Manayata has managed to get resident certificate without living in GOA which is against the Goan state rule. In order to get resident certificate one of the couple should be from Goa to get the marriage registered. But Manyata doesn't reside in Goa.
Dutta had married girlfriend after staying silent since very long about their relationship. Manyata has been seen with Dutta since long time and even in the bad time on Dutta. Dutta is one of the very successful and controversal star in Bollywood. He has been very widely liked in the underworld don as well as comedian character in India as well and all over the world.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finding cheap apartments in Chicago

My friends have been in Chicago for some months when they worked for a organization and what I was invited to visit them. I realized that apartments in Chicago are very expensive. They have a hard time to find affordable apartment there. They then managed to get an apartment in quite reasonable price. Now the situation have been easier. Websites provide the apartment services. You can search for the apartments available in the city and then compare the prices which makes your search for apartment easier.
Connected Rentals specialize in Chicago apartments rentals. You can see pictures of each property listed. And go to see any property if you like. You can even submit a form about what kind of apartments are you needing if you don't like to search through. They will browse according to your requirements and then contact you. This is only example, there are a lot of other websites who provides Chicago apartment search service. They also run a Chicago condominium association management service. Their service is modernized and is one step ahead of traditional Chicago condo association management offerings.

Hezbollah top militant killed

America's one of the most wanted Imad Mughniyeh has been killed in a car bombing by Israeli agents. Hezbollah confirmed it in a statement Wednesday. According to an Iranian television, he was killed in carb bombing in Syria. Mughniyeh was belived to be involved in the attacks that killed more than 200 Americans in Lebanon in the 1980s. He was Iranian-backed Hezbollah's security chief at that time.
Mughniyeh is also believed by Israel to have been involved in planning the 1992 bombing of Israel's embassy in Argentina in which 29 people were killed and the blast at a Buenos Aires Jewish center two years later that killed 95.

Read more in MSNBC.

Shopping search engine

Online shopping sites are the most used part of Internet. People can buy everything in Internet now. It saves time, in fact makes people more busy. People can involve in more works by saving time for shopping. Shopping sites came as a very useful thing for shopping. There are dedicated shopping site for special products all over the world. Then came the shopping search engines. Earlier people used to go various online stores to shop. Now, everything can be found in the same place.
Shopping search engines finds all the online stores. You can search anything on it. When you make an query it crawls over the all the shopping sites available in internet hence shows a lot of results. This makes online shopping even faster my letting users to see the deals for a products in different stores. Shopwiki is one shopping search engine. Where you can find deals on any products. The reviews of each products and stores can also be found in shopwiki, which helps to get a product in low price as well.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wales starts with a win over scotland

Wales defeated Scotland RBS 6 Nations Rugby today on Millennium Stadium. The first half was 10-6 and they maintained the pace for second half too and it ended up with winning 30-15. Wales in now in the top position with 4 points. See more informations in RBS 6' Nations official site. The league is of course very important for the all rugby game fans including me. I am always at work so I have no other place to see the updates than this website.
You can see all the news and events about the game in that website. All the players informations all team informations and even pictures and video footages are in the website. If you don't have TV in workplace then go the this website too see all the scores, fixtures as well as podcasts. The website also includes competitions and tool for fans like wallpapers mobile browsing etc.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A complete poker room

Online poker and online gambling is one of the most popular online Intertainment method. Each day thousands of millions of dollars is gambled. Online poker rooms are always hot and always pack. I'm not a hard gambler or poker players but some weekends are poker special for me. Specially when my pocket is good enough.
Partypoker is my most favorite place. They have any game for any type of players. For newbies to very expert users. Its one of the most trusted poker room and one should not worry about security and all that. You can play anything unless you're not all gone with money. The most important benefit of partypoker is it needs no software download. You can play it in broswer from anywhere. A lot of payment methods makes it more easier to play in partypoker.If you are looking to play poker or want to start by simple games then partypoker is the best place.