Friday, June 29, 2007

Myspacetv, new video site

This seems a competitor to the famous youtube. News corp yesterday announced the launch of Myspacetv. News corp is the same who owns Myspace.Myspace have very large number of users from whom they are collecting videos and they have recently bought Photobucket too which will surely help the new site.
They may be planning to give direct threat to myspace but I belive it will be very hard to reveal them from the top space. The stronger thing about Youtube is they are backed my the powerfull Google.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

fleas control

I love dogs. But I also do have 1 cat. I do not have much problems with them but my friends have. The dogs have problem of fleas. Fleas are the main problems on pets. If you also need some solutions on dog fleas then you better look at Flea Control Guide.

Mobile ball

My friend sent me this video some days ago. See how they played their mobile as baseball. Its really crazy. I remember I once threw my nokia 1100 from 6th floor haha. But this one is more funny. I have nokia 6600 which is I am about to throw in dust bin. But I am seeking something intresting what I can do with this phone. Let me know guys if you know something.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Travel insurances

Travel insurances are little harder types as I've experienced. Most of the travel insurance providers have so many medical conditions or restrictions before getting the insurance facility. And its not only hard in that case, its hard to find medical travel insurance company for this too.
Covermytravel is good travel insurance provider. It covers age of 79 on Single Trip travel insurance policies. They are easy and they provides policies with less restrictions as compared to other insurance providers.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Citizen Kane voted as Best film ever

Citizen kane, a movie by classic director orson welles voted as the best film ever thursday by the number of critics. The movie was about 1941 mystery. Godafather and Casablanca respectively secured 2nd and 3rd position. The movie citizen kane is a story of the mercurial nwepaper magnate writtten then directed an produced by welles when he was 25. The poll was conducted by american film Institute. The full list of the top 100 movie can be found here.
American Film Institute

Public records galore

Public record are really important in any work these days. If you hire someone for a job then you might want to see his records. If you like to met someone suspicious, or lets say if someone whom you don't know, call you to meet. That might be good for you but the person also may be wrong. He might to something wrong with you too. So if you got public records facility then you can be ensure the person whom you gonna meet is good and there is not harm to you from him. Public records are hard to find anywhere but there is a place where all the public records can be have all the public records of us, canadian and maxican people. You can get advantage from it.
These public records are collected from various offices or agencies which includes property tax assessor files, Real Estate Ownership, Motor vehicle records, Registered voter files etc. These things helps you from hiring bad people for a job, meeting bad people which can later led to crimes like even kidnapping and etc. So, I suggest everyone to use this kind of public records before getting involved with someone.You can also check for to find the public records and background check of some person.

Thaksins bid backed by City

English premiership soccer club Manchester city have accepted the bid of exiled thai prime minister Thanksin Sinawatra worth 81.6 million pounds on Thursday. Manchester city has backed the bidy by Thaksin's UK Sports Investments Company which finished a disappointing 14th place in last premiership season. Manchester city chairman john wardle said in a joint statement that, that offer provides an exciting opportunity to take city the the next stage of the development of club and deliver the on-field success they have been striving for.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free Unsigned Music Download

Its fun to listen the songs from new artists. I often do a long search to find such songs and I came across Tour dates today which have charts for unsigned chart with free music downloads. They have free video, audio, reviews and gigs. Anyone can join this site for free. Here is the press release they released:

tourdates.Co.UK, Britains fastest growing new music website, has launched a chart for unsigned bands.

The site allows new bands to upload promotional tracks, announce gig dates and create profiles to promote themselves alongside major artists such as the Artic Monkeys and The Twang.

Tourdates Jarrod Robinson says, there are some fantastic unsigned bands in the UK and we wanted them to know how much our community likes their music, an unsigned chart seemed the perfect answer.

Chart results are announced on the site at 19:00 every sunday, the sametime as the No1 single of the week is announced on BBC's radio 1.

sucide bomber to European

Nowadays, the world there is insecurity because of insurgency and the suicide bombers.
that types of attack mainly occurs in such a country where there is war.the trained suicide bombers are emerging from tribal areas of afghanistan and palistan to plan attacks in the European countries.according to the video of a taliban graduation ceremony aired by a us news channels.the footage taken by a Pakistani journalist and the ABC news shows the large groups of man with a black scarves, who were member of team assigned to carry out the attacks in the top countries like USA,Canada,Great Birtan.suicide bumbler are trained by AL- Qaeda networks and Afghanistan hard line Taliban movement.
Mansoor dadullah,brother of the former Taliban commander mullah Daullah who was liked last month also seen attending the ceremony in pictures and a video if the ceremony published in its website.According to to the top leaders of Taliban We will be executing attacks in Britain and the U.S. to demonstrate our sincerity," he said on the tape made by an Afghan interviewer, "to destroy their cities as they have destroyed ours," Dadullah said.

Real Estate Software

Real estate agents are the good money maker in the market. They get alot of bonuses and allowances for their job. One of my friend have Real Estate Agency and he is making good money , even better than me. Recently he've bought a Realtor Software which is helping him in his work. The software is very easy to work, one should not be computer genious to use it. Its even available for 15 days trail. He bought if after testing it for 15 days. He found it really cool and bought it. Agent organizer easily organize your contacts, listings, buyers, finances, appointments, and tasks. Once can also easily create flyers, letters, and perform mailmerges for the better business.

Roberts get third

I dont know why these celebrities need so many childrens. Julia Roberts has welcomed her third child, a boy in monday. The boy is named Henry Daniel Moder and was born in Los Angeles. Previously Roberts and her husband have 2 yar old twin, hazel and phinnaeus. They were married in july 2002. Roberts in Oscar winning actress in 2001 for Erin Brockovich. She will next be seen in the drama "Charlie ilson's War" which will be directed by Mike Nichols.

Good bedroommaker

I do not have very good bedroom but its not also too bad. I am a student and I earn very little that's why I need to care about others things more importantly rather than my bedroom. But for those who are passionate about decorating their bedrooms and who have more money(than me hehe) I have a wonderfull suggestion. Terry's Fabrics offer a range of bedding to enhance your bedroom.They have products ranging from curtain fabrics, curtain poles to embroidered duvet covers .

Happy Bedding !

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Youtube in International versions

Youtube have announced that the video sharing site is launched in nine language as their International languages. The local langauge versions are available in Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Iraeland, France, Brazil and Britain according to steven chen, co founder of youtube , said in a press conference. A German site will also be launched soon.
Read more here:

Celebrity Gossips

Do you like to read celebrity gossips? Well, it might be a silly question. Everybody loves that. I regularly visit celebrity gossip sites like perezhilton,hollyscoop and TMZ. But Now I am loving, a celebrity news and gossip site. You can get all the informations on those big sites from celebritygossips. Its a kinda celebrity gossip aggregator.

It features all the top entertainment gossip  and celebrity gossips so you do not need  to visit all the sites each day. Its time saving for those who are really busy and still intrested on celebs humour like me.  

Monday, June 18, 2007

Windows Live Writer

I am writing this blog using Windows Live Writer. Its very awesome like all windows live product. I was using blog jet before this one and was nearly about to buy that when that expired. But I heard about live writer from my friend and downloaded this. It is really very easy to use. User can post anything directly like its done from the dashboard. For example insert picture, insert map, insert table etc. Only one thing I dont like about this is I didnt see where can I see the html editor in the software anywhere.

Its awesome for wordpress blog however seems like its not perfect for blogger. The screen goes something bad If I start to write in blogger. I didnt even see the timestamp system in this software.

House in the beach side

I always dream about my own business, a car, and a beautiful house in beach side. I don't know if its going to be fulfill in my life or not. Beach side house may not be of my thing until I left the country. Because there is not ocean in my country and house in small streams does not looks cool. My be I will go abroad to work as well as for my study with in next few years. And I think I will get that too. Actually I'm quite lucky guy. I've always get what I wanted since my childhood. And I think house in the beach side somewhere in US is not too big.

It may sounds crazy but I've already started to search such a good house and jobs. I go across several real estate sites which provides complete and beautiful housing services. Recently I came across Baza Real Estate. They are selling wonderful real estate properties. Specially the ocean front living. Its awesome. Imagine how cool it be to have a house near San Diago with wonderful ocean view.They are not very expensive like other real estate agencies.  Damn, I still need to wait some years to go US. I have to finish my Intermediate here first and have to earn some at least for theairplane ticket.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pirates of carribbean

Its a nice movie but I didnt enjoy it watching.
Johney deep have acted very good. Actually all of them have acted very good but I dont like the story. Actually I dont like to see such a movie with such a nonsence story. I am looking for some good love story movie ahead.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bestbuy shopping using coupon

I do not shop much online but I do shop in amazon sometimes for books and DVDs. Recently I bought a book called The Royale Ghosts from Amazon. This books seems cool. I also bought some DVDs from Amazon.And some gadgets from Bestbuy too. And I used coupons code this time when shopping in Bestbuy. I found coupons for bestbuy from
Its really cool.

Jhoom barabar Jhoom

I saw the movie today. Nothing special in the movie expect the wonderful songs and the Big B looks. Junior bachchan have played wonderfully in his role. Actually all have played very good on their role but the story is weak I think. The story is not strong. Yet, the movie is not boring because of the comedy, scenes, music and of course the casting .I dont think the movie will do very good in box office.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer programmes for children

Since last week I have been looking for a good Summer camp for my child and tried allover places . One of my friend suggested me about escore where i can many good packages of summer camps including other many educational program for childrens. While searching for summer programs i also found that they also organize many Summer Camps like writing camps and skills camp. I think these things really help in overall growth of a child.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

iTunes in Bebo

Bebo users will be able to buy musics diretly from the site via iTunes. Bebi have more than 8 million users in UK and Ireland. They will be embedded to iTunes through Bebo and be able to download songs.
Bebo is extremely famous and probably the most famous social networking site in UK however it do not have any good popularity anywhere else.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Medical card scanner

Medicscan is a medical card scanner. It allows anyone to easily scan the image of medican insurance cards. The image after scanning through it can be directory sent by email, publish via FTP or stored as a file in the computer. The fully automatic scanning process starts immediately upon the insertion of card in the scanner and the image processing takes places simultaneously in the background. It is easy to use and setup.You just need to insert the card in the scanner.Automatic card-feed detection system triggers the scan and scan the card in some soconds. Its just simple. The high quality scanned image is the best part of medicscan package.

Fear of Earthquake

A fear of earthquake nowadays can be seen in the face of so many people in kathmandu. Speicially in the face of older citizens. Radio and TVs have said in their news that there is a Massive earquake possiblity in few months in Kathmandu. I dont belive that anyone can predict the earthquake but ridiculously they’ve even estimated how many people will killed in this so called upcoming Earthquake. Even BBC have said about this in their news.

I really dont belive that there will be happen something like that ahead but for sure, if that become true really big number of people will be killed. Specially in the area like patan and asan or other places where many people are living in more than 100 years old houses.

Stop your addiction

I thought rehab centers treats both alcohol addicts and drug addicts in the same way . Few of my friends have already joined some rehab centers but I dont have detail knowledge about this. Stop Your Addiction have rehab facility for both alcohol and drug addicts. They have a special 28 day programme for the drug or alchohol addicts. They have clear informations about addiction, alcoholism and drug rehab. They use very well defined steps to treat their patients . They are as follows:
  • Detoxification and Withdrawal
  • Self Control and Communication Exercises
  • Sauna Cleansing Process
  • Study Improvement
  • Drug Free Remedies for Discomforts
Sounds cool!

I am missing both of them

Oceans 13 is the current box office hit. I've seen oceans 12. That was definitely a good movie and I belive Oceans 13 is also a good movie. But I dont think I will see this movie soon. No theatres here are playing the movie here and I dont like to see movies in DVD these days. I am really intrested but about this move. Brad pitt is my favorite and I have seen all of his movies till the time. I am not gonna miss this but I am not sure that when I will see this movie.
Pirates of carrebian is a another movie which I wanted to see. I dont like such movies too much but its a hit movie and everyone is recommending me this movie. May be I will see this movie saturday.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Drug Rehab

A drug rehab programme is big problem in so many places. We had searched for so many days to admit my friend to a drug rehab center when we were studying in Mumbai some 3 years back. So many rehab center dont know themeselves more about addiction and the actual problem of the patient. They implements the same traditional method to treat them.
Drug rehab should be perfect in aspect of the problem and the treatment method Like the narcononstonehawk narconon programme. They say they know everything about drug addiction and they know how to treat them. Actually I’ve heard about them from other too. Noone knows about the addiction more than the one who was once addicted. And they say they are once addicted. Sounds cool!

CricInfo now belongs to ESPN

My favorite cricket website has been aquired by ESPN. Specially we used to see cricinfo always to see the cricket score when we are in classroom and missed the cricket matches.

Cricinfo, one of the oldest online sports portal is purched by ESPN is said to be part of the push by the cable sports network to broaden its apeal outside ot United States. Cricinfo is the pioneer of the online sports informations speicially online live match score. It also is full of userfriendly and searchable databases of players.

Good International Phone Card

Last month I called my friend Johnson in Sweden several time in order to discuss about our upcoming project. He do not have access to use msn messenger in office so there was no other way than the telephone to discuss. Its really hard to only discuss in email. Actually I hate to write emails. I called him 2-3 times some days. You wont belive the phone bill. Oh my god I used to pay that amount in 3 months before. It was really big. I used several phone cards after that.
Very few of them were good on quality and the price. One of the cheap international phone card I used was a phone card from . Pingo is really good copany which truly delivers a cheap international telephone card. It have both what a user or customer want, the lost cost and of course high quality. And another good thing it is available in all places including India. The one more feature I like about this card is PIN Less dialing. I do not need to enter the PIN every time I call.It is also good for domestic telephone calls as well as the International telephone calls.And one more thing, you can also make some benefits from refering it to your friends. Pingo's affiliate program pays you 15$ for each new customer you refered.

Hrithik wins best actor award at IIFA

Hritik roshan won the title for best actor from the movie Krish while Rang De Basanti was named best film sunday at bollywod's version of the Oscars, a star-studded spectacular celebration of song, dance and stagecraft. Rang De Basanti scooped a total of 10 awards from 15 nomination at the IIFAs in sheffield, northern England, designed to honour bollywood talent and promote its films abroad. The movie was directed by Omprakash Mehra. The movie was competing with the First super hero movie of bollywood Krish and the superhit action flick Dhoom 2 which was acted by the famous couple of bollywood Aishworya roy and Abshek bachchan.
Rani mukharjee was best actress for her part in Kabbhi Albida Na Kehna. The award for best director went to Lage Raho Munnabhai director Rajkumar Hirani.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Escore learning system

I was tired of sending my brother to the traditional tuition classes. He never did better even I sent him regularly to those classes. That tuition classes did not improve him because they do all the traditional teaching method. They do not know kids like to learn in something different and interactive way. I am now happy with the new learning center for him. Now he is with escore Math Tutors which is really very good. He is dong excellent in math in which he is so bad some months ago. I recommend this to all. They

Justin Henin made it

As I've guessed Justin Henin make another French open title beating Ana Ivanovic by 6-1, 6-2. She became the only second woman to lift the French open trophy for three successive years. Henin closed out the victory with a forehand volley winner, then flipped her racket, buried her head in her hands , leaned on the net and exhaled. Ivanoic started well before her play deteriorated. The first sign of trouble came when she hit a serve 10 feet long.prompting groans from the crowd. She doubled the faulted to fall behind 3-1, and unforced errors came in flurries after that. Henin trailed in each of the first four games, which took 24 minutes, but won 18 of the next 22 points.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Good online game show

Looking for some fun?
I recommend Its a online game show which is really easy to play and you can win cool prizes. You can win prizes worth from 10$ to 600$. The site is free to join. You at least need to join the site to get involved in the game. The best thing is there is so many contests and you can participate in all of them.

Microsoft is critical releasing patches

Microsoft will issue four critical security bulletins next week which address vunerabilities in Windows xp as well as windows mail and Internet explorer. According to microsofts advance advisory notification six bulletins will be released four of which are critical. The affected softwares are windows 2000 with sp4 , windows mail in vista and outlook express. Even though microsoft had said vista is the most secure version of widows , they had issue an emergency update rather than their usual monthly update cycle.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Police concerts

I Love attending concerts and party. Although I am not a big fan of classic music but I love the concerts. Doesnt matter its classic or modern. Obvioulsy I am exicited about the upcoming concert of Police which includes Sting. I am not his fan but I do like his musics. I have not heard other more beside only few of their classics. I dont have the old police cd too. But I do have heard sting several times. He is definitely a great singer. I once had seen his concert in canada. May be about some 8 years ago. He is a wonderful performer. He makes the audience go crazy. That was not really very exiting like this police tour because sting was contineously playing at that time. But now The Police is back after really long time. So the people are really exicited. I have to go San fransisco coming week so I dont think I will be attending this concert. May be they also have a programme in san fransisco. It would be really great if there is. My friend sent me some pictures of the concert yesterday. They were looking really great. I was a bit jealous. Anyway, I’ve ordered the police cd from the music store near my house. May be they will give me one.

French open Highlights

Serbian teenager Ana Ivanovic defeated Maria sarapova to enter in her first ever grandslam final today in paris. This is the first time she is entering any grandslam final beating such a top order player. She defeated Sarapova in straight sets 6-2 and 6-1. Justin henin defeated Jelena Jankovic in other match by 6-2, 6-2 . If she defeats Ivanovic she will be the first woman to win three consecutive titles after Monica Seles did in 1990-92. In a previous match played in Poland about 2 years ago, Henin defeated Ivanovic in two straight sets. So I belive that henin will easily beat her this time.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Namecheap coupon code for June

I've registered one more domain today in Namecheap.
Here is the coupon code I've used to get the discount.


I hope this will be usefull for you.