Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I dont have partner to see "Shootout at Lokhandwala"

I am a great fan of all Big B, Abhishek and Sanjaya dutta. I will not miss this movie in anyway but right now, I dont have friends to go movie. My friends do not like to go bollywood movies, but I enjoy it. I think I will go for it tomorrow. The songs of the movies are really nice. One of the song sung by string, one of the my favorite paki band , is really awesome.
            I saw some clips and songs on the movie is a site called aapka bollywood. This is a great site with youtube style video sharing system. It have full collection of bollywood videos and cricket, music and other events related videos. Its a pretty new site and offering a free ipod everymonth as their promotion.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

England to Quit Smoking

Starting july 1, 2007 it will be illegal to smoke in the public places throughout England. This ban follows Italy, norway, Ireland, Sweden and other countires that have instituted bans on smoking in public places according to sources. So if you smoke and planning to you trip to england for vacation then think. Or it may be good chance to kick that shit out of our life too.

      Millions of people are applauding the move while the bar and pub owners are not happy with this. Because they are  going to loose so many smoking clientele. Smokers can be charged 50 euro as fine who  voilates the rule.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Perfect Web Analytics System

I’ve been using so many kinds of visitor tracking softwares from pmatrics to google analytics.They show the visitor location, their behaviour, visitor number and all but this one is quite more than that. I came across a new service which serves lead management and advanced web analytics service. It even shows what screen resolution is the users using, what browser the users are using and even what media player is your visitor using. This obviously helps to make your business better by knowing the behavior of them in the detail. 

What other thing caught my eye is the lead attention meter.It shows that how much a lead is receiving attention. It uses different colours to indicate the frequency of address to the leads. It automatically shows if a lead is being neglated . This way I found this tool really perfect.

AC milan Crowned Champion

For the seventh time AC milan were crowned European Champions for edging liverpool 2–1 in the champions league final in Athens in may 23rd. Filippo Inzaghi was the hero for the winning team. He scored the both goals with the help of Andrea pirlo and Kaka.

      Liverpool allmost controlled the first half but finally the better team won the game. The game was played in Athemes Olympic Stadium where Milan had previously won the 94’s Champions league final beating Barcelona by 4–0.

For more news: ESPN Star

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Low bid auction

I've been auctioning for domains and other stuffs in DP from so many times. Everytime I participate in a auction I need to make a highest bid to win that but its pretty strange. I saw this site bid4prizes when I was looking in payperpost. Actually I've seen this site already but have not noticed what it actually does.I think they have now changed the design of the site but its looking great. There are really intresting stuffs like BMW3 series, panasonic 42" TV and so many other listed on lowest bid auction. And the funny and intresting thing when you win the prize by bidding lowest and unique , lets say .75 cent for a plasma tv, you dont even need to pay that .75 cent. You just place a bid, if you win that then take that product for free. User can bid via Mobile phones in all auctions.

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Wonderfull holiday in Cyprus

I have been to almost places in Europe but had never been to Cyprus. I had heard that this place is really good and has very pleasant atmosphere.So many of my friend have already visited that country.So, I also was planning this since last year. Finally the day has came. I booked a Cyprus Holiday package and flew on scheduled date. I was really amazed to see the greenery and cleanliness of the city when I landed on the airport. My holiday package already had every thing planned so i got the shuttle as I landed. After that I was taken to the Hotel, which was other thing I really admire the place was really good. The hotel was just perfect. Perfect food, perfect location, perfect view and perfect service. I spent 10 days there. This was the most fantastic holiday for me.

Cyprus has really good scenery and I would recommend every one to go to Cyprus at least one in a lifetime.I will be visiting cyprus next too for sure.Everything was fine except the flight. No, it was fine but I need to take two flights to go there. Since there is not direct flight to cyprus from my city, I first went to Mumbai in a flight and then Cyprus in next one.

Note:This is sponsored review. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Namecheap coupon code for may

I just registered a domain in Namecheap using coupon. It gives 95 cent discount in each product.

The code is : itsadeal


Getting a new ride

             I was looking for a site where I can put my old yamaha bike to sell.This bike is good  but I want to test something new.I tried so many classified site but finally got one.I finally placed that in a classified site to sell.
             Classified ads are really good thing for the small business. I came across the site called itsmymarket when looking for a website to sell products in my local area. The site is relatively new but seems really great. It provides the classifieds ads on local area and for absolutely free.The best thing is it have really intresting sections like online dating and blogs not only the classified. Photo and community are another sections which makes the site cool.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Porn.com sold for 9 Million

Oh my god, its really a huge sum. Its one of the most fascinating adult domain transaction . No it is one of the most fascinating domain transaction in the whole domain history. I wonder how much would sex.com go for? Obviously porn.com have billions, not even millions unique visitors. The buyer is MXN ltd which is affiliates with PIMPROLL.com. Pimproll is one of the worlds leading adult affiliate programs.

I got a better deal

I was in the tour for san fransisco last month. I always use travelocity for booking flight, hotels, car rental and vacations. But I've never tried coupon codes. Actually I was not aware of that all.But I used that in my last tour.I came acrosss a site called coupon cheif before my tour and that was wonderfull. I got coupons for travelocity there and I got a great deal. Intrestingly they have coupon informations for all the big online stores including bestbuy.com and overstock.com. I used to shop in bestbuy too some times before but left that because of the payment problem. But I think I should get back to it since I've now found a good things. I can use coupon codes to shop here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Myspace to buy Photobucket

            The social networking giant Myspace is going to buy Photobucket for $250 million, that is confirmed. Photobucket is one of the popular image hosting service which was for sell since March.They've hired Lehman Brothers to help sell the company according to Techcrunch. Photobucket is popular because of its quality image and video hosting service. Reports also says that photobucket generated more than 6 million dollar in revenue last year and have planned to hit more than 25 million this year.Photobucket claims that they have over 40  million registered users and counting.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Paris might face up 45 days in prison

Paris hilton might go to jail for 45 days when she appears before a los angeles court this friday in order to answer charges of violating her parole over drunk-driving charges according to the reports. Los Angeles prosecutors will seek a custodial sentence for hilton according to a legal document published in a celebrity new website. The documents alleged hilton was caught driving with suspended licence twice, dismissing her lawyers arguments that she was unaware that she forbidden to do so, descriving her actions as a flagrant violation.
Hilton is a favorite target for papparazzi and tabloid gossip who appeared in a reality television series " The simple life" in 2003. She also appeared in a sex tape with her former boyfriend on the Internet. She've also released on music album last year and in a horror in a horror movie in 2005.