Friday, March 30, 2007

Shakira performed in India for the first time

Shakira have just finished her maiden concert in India with a big bang. Indian fans of her enjoyed her performance very much. She enthralled her indian fans with her current hit hips dont lie as well as the classic chartbuster whenever. The concert was the part of her oral fixation tour and was held in the MMRDA ground,suburban Mumbai.Indian audience enjoyed the 3 hour concert with her fantastic voice and her trademark hip shacking dances.
She have already left India in order to continueing her tour. Meanwhile she have shown an intrest to work with the bollywood superstart Shah Rukh Khan according to the media.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo to be Unlimited.

Just after the unlimited email storage facility of the the great yahoo! have also announced to go unlimited email storage. The storage competition was going fiercely between gmail, yahoo, hotmail and rediffmail since some times. Yahoo have 250 million users. THe unlimited yahoo email storage will be started from the month of may. Currently hotmail have 2 gb and gmail have 2.8 gb and growing mail storage space right now.
The reason of the increasing mail storage is that the user do not need to delete any of old messages. Yahoo had started email service a decade ago with 4.8 mb which was realy big for that time. Its their tenth year and unlimited email storage is going to be as a birthday treat for its users.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Change is the google adsense?

I was looking at this page. Generally, I do not click in the picture ads by google adsense. But look at that banner in the left side of the forum. Where is "ads by google" lable? Did google removed that from the code? or the site is cheating over google? I've seen two more nepali sites which do not have the tag "ads by google" in image adsense ad. But I didnt see that in the site outside of nepal. I am confused really.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Australia won by 83 run.

Australia have won the game against south africa last night. They beautyfully won the game by 83 run. Hayden made wonderfull 101 runs followed by other good players. He was also awarded as a man of the match. The game was also included the back of andrew symonds. South africa was all out in 48 over with the brackens two wicket. Australia had made wonderfull 377 with remaining 4 wickets in the first inning. South africa only made 294 in 48 over being all out. They were playing good till the 40th over. They lost their way after 40 overs at 259/4 as the Aussie bowlers kept it very tight. Meanwhile England won kenya by easy 7 wickets.Mathew hayden alos made a world record by scoring 100 in 67 bowls.

Friday, March 23, 2007

28 killed in a clash between the maoist and the new rebels

I heard this news from nepal. Nepal is a small country and I heard about this country some days ago. 10 years of maoist insurgency have just ended here some months ago and they are in the peach process. Maoist are in the process of going into the parliamentary. Meanwhile some other rebels have came up asking for same presence in the parliament as well as other sectors. They are called "madhesi jana adhikar Forum". 28 people were killed in a clash between those two groups yesterday. People have suspect that it will harm the peace process because maoist have became fierce about that because most of the victims are of their party and they are now pressuring the government to declare forum illegal.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Connecting with new people.

Social networking websites are the most popular websites these days. Afterall its really a good thing. Its a wonderfull way to make new friends and even to find a partner. I've signed up with almost all kind of social networking sites. Myspace, hi5, friendster, lovehappens, and recently JustsayHi. There are all my old friends I mean my classments in the friend list of my account in earlier. Now, I am needing some totally new friends. I was searching for something new from long time. I found JustsayHi wonderfull and of my choice.
What thing caught my eye about JustsayHi is the wonderfull design of the site. Plus the fuctions of the site. Its specially targetted for the online dating purpose. I belive that it can be used for other purpose too. I mean for only friendship or some kind of discussion. It is free to join so hurry up if you are needing partner or looking for online dating. They also have forum for the discussion purpose. It could be good alternative of myspace if you are needing something new.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Complete European and UK hotel guide.

Are you looking for hotel informations and reservations for a upcoming holiday? No matter what language you speak. I have a good new for you. Eurobookings provides your complete service regarding to the hotels all around the world. They provide you the informations about the hotel reservation and other in 13 language. You will also be able to search a hotel by their rating, facility and other aspect.
Eurobookings provide the informations and booking service for the all popular and big hotels in Europe and UK. And if you are love to visit barcelona like me then this is what you are looking for. Eurobooking also provide you a look to the typical european dishes, museums, restaurant and cultures.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Young Bangladeshi shines in ICC worldcup.

They are almost all not more than 25 years old and new to cricket than the Indian players. But they played outstanding in the last match. They defeated the big cricket giant india by 5 wickets . Mortaza took 4 wickets including the sehbaag and uthappa. Only saurav ganguly played a little bit good for india. Sehbag went to pevellian for 2 run while sachin cant make 10 and dravid 15 . Yuvraj played quite good but caught while trying for a six. The hero MS Dhoni went for 0 run. He was the only last hope for Indian team. Bhajji, agarkar didnt played good later.

Bangladeshi bowled and batted very well with teenagers Tamim Iqbal (51), Mushfiqur Rahim (56 not out) and Saqibul Hasan (53) playing vital knocks.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

300 the movie

Its the current hit american movies about the ancient greek-persian battle.It have set a record in the North america.The movie based on comic book writer Frank Miller's graphic novel which tells how 300 soldier of the spartan king Leonidas with the persian army. The movie is full of great actors like Gerard Butler,Lena Headey,David Wenham,Vincent Regan,Rodrigo Santoro etc and directed by Zack Snyder.Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe movie is doing excellent except the Middle East. Iranian official have blamed that 300 have insulted the persian civilization. The film is not yet screened in Iran. One official who is close to mohammad ahamadinejad have said even said it "a part of a comprehensive U.S. psychological war aimed at Iranian culture". They belive the movie have describe the wrong history. Some Inranian people I've seen said they are not afraid of the history but afraid of the wrong history.

Biggest inbox in the world.

I had created rediffmail account some 2 years back. I forget how much was thats storage at that time. I have not used that ever. Now, I see in a tv commercial that rediffmail is now providing unlimited email storage. It surely attracts so many users to them I belive. I know so many of my friends who doesnt even know about rediffmail. Not only them, there are so many people in other places who doesnt know about rediffmail. But now it have a different identity, the biggest mailbox. It will surely become famous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Indies started on their home land.

I was actually in the side of pakistan. But West Indian defeated them.The win was by 54 run.They played outstanding. In average non of pak players did a great job. Ramnaresh Sarwan and Marlon Samuels played very good for West Indies.I think they will take the cup this time. They are obviously a good team and they have a big advantage of their home ground. All of my friends are in the side of South Africa but I am sure they cant do that. I've even bet with them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Worldcup fever

More than 5 of my friends have website.
They changed their header of the website yesterday in the theme of ICC worldcup. THey are really exited about this worldcup. Even I am exited about it. I dont like to see test matches but I am a great fan of one day cricket. I just bought a tv from my whole month salary. I think I need ask my parents to send money for my living hehe. I am impatiently waiting for the first match. I think pakistan will win that match. Lets see.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hurley Nayar weeding

Indian media is not extremely exited about the marriage of English actor Elizabeth hurley and Indian businessman Arun nayar.Theyhave booked big balace called umed palace for their marriage and so many peope are invited in the marriage. 347 rooms have already booked for the guests. Elizabeth will wear a "saree" which worth 4000 pound.She've already set up the star shefs for all kind of dishes. Special dress code have already announced for the guests. And even they have expected Grant(her ex-husband) to attend the marriage ceremony. The couple will be placed in the private quarter of the owner of the palace and guests will stay in special room which worths 2000 pound per day. The grand marriage ceremony will start tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Symonds will play the later matches.

Andrew symonds one of the strong or good player of australia will not play the starting games on the upcoming ICC world cup which is going to be started after 7 days. He had ratured his right biceps in a match agains England on Feb 2. He was tested with tennis ball for 10 minutes and reports have said that he will play the match from 24th march. There are so many problems now in the news about australian team with injuries and other. Symonds come back will surely help the australian team and the fans of course.
Symonds have a good record and he is a key player of the Australian team. He have made 4,037 runs and 121 wickets from his 161 internationals and is in the recovery condition now. There are scotland, south africa and the netherlands in australia's group which is quite easy for them to be passed from the initial matches.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nehle pe Dehla the worst movie of the best actor.

Sanjaya dutta is my favorite actor. I do not miss any of his movies. So there was no chance to miss this one. I dont like him generally in other roles except the Underworld Dons role. Yet some comedy were superhit. Lage raho munna bhai and the earlier edition was quite fine. I actually don like the storyline of the movie which is not much different than the comedy in which govinda and sanju acted. Ummm, some thing grarah I guess. I've seen so many movies with the same story. There is no doubt sanju have acted really great. And of course my sweetheard bipasha have acted great. Saif have also worked great. He've proved himself a great actor from is great performance in the movies like omkara and hum tum. Only one thing I dont like about this movie is the same old story. And yes songs are not good either.