Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wonderful Furnitures

I was very impressed by the home furnitures used in my friends house. Oh my god, they were wonderful. I never saw such furnitures before. I am also looking to by some dining room furniture for my apartment. But I'm quite busy these days, so can't go for shopping. I was looking in a website for the furnitures. FunitureFromHome is a nice store for the furnitures. They have all kind of furnitures from living room furniture to game room furnitures and Credenza Desk too.Its nice that all kind of furnitures are available here but its a bit expensive  that other stores I've seen.

Terry, a major doubt for Euro qualifiers

The English player and Chelsea defender John Terry is doubted for the Euro 2008 qualifiers for England after suffering a depressed fracture of his cheekbone. Terry is also the captain of English soccer team. Terry suffered the injury on Satuday in the game with Fulham. The game was a goalless draw.

                  Terry is another player  injured after Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. Drogba was returned from injury in the game against Fulham. Chelsea have not won a premiership game in their last four game. So Terry's injury can hurt them even more. Chelsea is currently struggling hard for goals.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Memory of Spain travel

Spain is a great place to visit. Its specially famous for the football. Spanish league is probably the most popular domestic football in the world. So, I obviously wanted to see a football match last year when we went there. We saw couple of football matches of the team Barcelona. We enjoyed the beach, and did some train travel like never before.

              Hotels in Barcelona are another wonderful things after the football in Spain in my experience. The hotels are fairly cheap but with full facility. We stayed in a 5-star hotel for EURO 69.00 in a hotel in madrid. We spent one week in Barcelona and then Madrid, enjoying the clubs and visiting relatives there. I've been in more than 10 big cities around the world and hoteles en barcelona  are the most adorable hotels among the hotels I've seen.

School Guard broke student's arm for dropping cake

A extremely violent school punishment. A School security in CA have been caught on cell phone camera breaking a 16 year old student's arm because she spilled some cake during lunch and left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning it up.

Report says:

The girl, Pleajhai Mervin, told Fox News LA that she was bumped while queuing for lunch and dropped the cake. After being ordered to clean it up and then re-clean the spot three times, she attempted to leave the area out of embarrassment but was jumped on by security who forced her onto a table, breaking her wrist in the process.

 Read the full news here.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dating Site For Seniors

I saw a Bollywood movie yesterday. The movie was about two senior citizens who date in the movie hiding from their children. The movie is very interesting. Everybody wants to have fun, everybody wants to meet new people, even the senior citizens. Now, here is one site for online dating, dedicated to the seniors. Dating For Seniors is a site which is made for senior match.

             The website features hundreds of the profile of senior citizens. The website is free to join. Users can find match by location, interest, age, gender etc. Its a very good place for senior dating. Users can send messages from the site to another message, flirt with them , add other users as friend or even can block if someone is bothering.

Yet another intresting cricket

Two world champions are playing in a 7 days ODI series in Banglore.. India, the world twenty20 winner and Australia the fifty50 world cup winner are starting their first game In Banglore in September 29, Saturday. Australian team has arrived India at 25th September. The new and world cup winner captain MS Dhoni will lead India in the Series. The three senior players Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Former Captain Rahul Dravid will be back in the team. Australia are keen to set the record straight after being knocked out by India in the semi-finals of the Twenty20 World Cup where India have to show them they are champion on fifty50 too.

The game is going to be intresting indeed.

GPS Insight, a must have service for vehicle owner

Vehicle tracking softwares are getting popular in so many places. There are various vehicle tracking services available. I've seen most of them and liked GPS Insight must. It is a technical leader in the GPS tracking field and includes a combination of hardware and web software. It is available all over the United States and Canada and gives vehicle tracking updates in each two minutes with the help of satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile.

                   It also can show the history of the vehicle of the   last 90 days. GPS Insight's Activity Detail Report lets you see the daily snapshot of driving activities for any vehicle. The report includes speed, stops , location etc for each vehicles for the whole day. You can also see graphical description of the driver's activity with GPS Insight's Driver Log. The fuel usage can be monitored with fuel consumption report so that you can control the amount of fuel in the state of increasing fuel prices. GPS Insight also can track the Engines performance. Beginning and End Day summary can help you on monitoring how much work your driver is doing. It can simply scan the Drivers total hour of working during a single day.

                      What I like most about this service is user can easily access fleet statistics each day or week. Fleet statistics includes total mileage of your vehicle, maximum speed taken by your vehicle, number of places where the vehicle stopped etc. That's not all. Vehicle sometimes can be used unauthorized which can led you to a legal problem. By using GPS insight you can even identify driving-time violation for a single fleet vehicle as well as whole fleet to prevent outer used of your vehicle. Over speeding can cause accident. GPS Insight has speed report facility which monitors speed violation. Speed thresholds are used to monitor speed violation. This will help on drivers safety as well as help on saving money of fuel costs. Another cool feature on GPS Insight is Fleet Location Report. With fleet location report once can see the live state of the whole fleet's start-stop activity as well as the location of whole fleet. 

                   GPS Insight is easy to setup as compared to other vehicle tracking services. It only takes few minutes to set up. They provide 1 month money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with their service then you can get money back. It also offer free trial period for the qualified companies. Cost is also fairly cheap. They charge 1.50-2 USD per vehicle for each day. They deliver the product within a day if you want to buy. I've seen several of such vehicle tracking services but I found it complete like none other. I highly recommend it to all of you who are needing a vehicle tracking.

Legal funding service

Its nice, people can get loan for anything nowadays. I came  across a site of lawsuit settlement loan providers.  Lawsuit funding actually is a very useful loan service. In many cases people can not keep the cases active for long time because of the money problem so they have to settle. The the most important part of this loan is you only have to pay back if you win your case. Its a loan for good people. Do not worry about owing anything if you do not win your case. Just get advance fund for your case and win your case. They provide advance funding for Premises Liability,Products Liability,Discrimination, Wrongful Termination etc.

Nine Killed in Burmese uprise

Nine more people are killed in Rangoon, the main city of Burma during the recent anti-government protest according to the national government. One is reported to be a Japanese Video Journalist among the dead personals. So many soldiers are also injured during the Protest. This is the 10th day of the protest lead by Burmese monks against the oil price rise.  

               Hundreds of the monks are arrested after the protest and the street of Rangoon is almost quite after the six hour of clashes. The government have raid in more than 5 monasteries according to the reports. Reports also say that the windows are smashed and sleeping monks have been beated during the raid in monasteries.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Air Ambulance! Crazy.

I never knew that such things even exists. But I came across something like that. Western People have developed a lot on everything thing. This is the latest weird development I've seen in health care sector. I came across a site which provide Air Ambulance Service. Air ambulance as its name says is a ambulance service for long distance with a fully health care facility. They transport patient in air plane from one hospital to another or from one country to another with Flight nurses and Flight Paramedics onboard an air ambulance with state of art medical equipment. All of the staff of the ambulance are very well trained in flight physiology. The staff includes Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Registered Flight Paramedics on board. They even can arrange physician or even specialist as per requirement of the patient. They have service to too many hospitals worldwide and they provide 24 hour service. And they claim that they have been trusted all over the world however this is the first time I'm hearing about air ambulance.

                       This is very nice service if one can afford. There are various diseases which can not be treated in all hospitals. Patients need to be taken to different country or different cities sometimes. This kind of service plays a very good role in such cases.  

Justin Timberlake leads MTV Europe Music Award Race

Popular American Singer Justin Timberlake leads the nomination at this years MTV Europe Music Award. The sexy back singer have been nominated for 4 category. Earlier Timberlake had won 4 music awards at MTV's Video Music Award in LAS Vegas. He songs Sexy Back was a massive hit earlier and another song comes around is hitting the chart yet. English Singer Amy Winehouse is in the list after him equaling with  Beyonce Knowells, Nelly Furtado, Rihanna, Linking Park, Fall Out Boys , My Chemical Romance and Avril Lavigne. Rihanna had also won 3 awards at the MTV's Video Music Award 2007 earlier.  

                      Rapper Snoop Dog will host the program when Foo fighters and Mika are finalized as the performers. The program will be held in Munich, Germany in November 1st.

An inspirational blog by Karl Moore

 I just came across Karl's blog. This is a nice blog. Let me tell you something about Karl if you don't know him. Karl Moore is a best-selling author and entrepreneur. You can see a lot of inspirational messages in his blog. His posts are very interesting, funny yet very inspirational. I liked the way he write. Look a the post "Be Psychic" he wrote on Wednesday.  I found this post very interesting. Its a nice blog, take a look if you have time . You will love it.

        If you're a computer programming student then you might know Karl Moore before. He has written a book on visual basic "Karl Moore’s Visual Basic .NET". I have that book. I have not read that all but its good. I've started to learn it but left later because of the lack of the time.

Celebration in India after the big win

The world twenty20 winner Indian team returned back to India from Johannesburg after the wonderful victory. They've been welcomed with big bang Wednesday morning. They were taken to a big stadium directly from the airport. They got thousands of people lined up into the street celebrating the victory, welcoming them and cheering. Singing "Chak De India".
BCCI have announced the prized of 8 crore to the winning team and 1 crore to Yuvaraj Singh for hitting six sixes in the game against England. Similarly RP Singh was awarded with a Mercedez car for performing very good in the tournament.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dating site for tatto lovers

Do you love tattoo? I do. I've just made a tattoo in my neck. It feels having a good tattoo. Its a way to get noticed by people. Today I came across a dating site which is dedicated specially to the tattoo lovers. The site is The site is free to join and have already a good number of users. Its very nice to see a lot of tattoo lovers people in a single place.

Definitely a tatto0 lover will love to meet other people who loves tattoo. Actually when two people have same interest then that can be a starting point for a relationship. SO I think sites like Tattoo Dating, which are specially dedicated to special group of people is more useful than the normal dating sites. Its good for both the users and site owners.

Fukuda Elected New Japan PM

Japanese parliament elected Yahua Fukuda for the post of Japan's new Prime Minister on Tuesday. The houses in parliament split over his election. The upper house was against his election choosing another opposition of him while lower house supported him. He was elected under the parliamentary rules, the lower house decision triumphed.
Yasuo Fukoda, 71took the place of Shinzo Abe, who only lasted for less than a year after a drum beat of ruling Liberal Democratic Party's loss in upper house election and damaging scandals.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Garage accessories

Here is one good place for garage accessories if you're looking for something for your garage. I bought some instrument for myself and found this store really cool so wanted to let you know about You can get all the garage accessories in this site for very cheap price.

I bought a bike rack in pretty cheap price there. I was needing bike rack. I have some bikes of my own and my little brothers but we did not have bike rack. It always look very dirty since my brother use to leave it just near the door of the garage. Now my garage is looking nice.

Final of ICC twenty20 worldcup today

The most awaited final of ICC twenty20 between India and Pakistan is gonna held today in Johannesburg. Its a final of in anything such a big tournament after 25 years where Indian is Pakistan is playing. They match is going to start in less than 1 hour. People were celebrating the final match alreayd, big stars are also going SA to see the game. India is playing in the captaincy of MS Dhoni and Soiab Malik is leading the Pakistani team. Earlier India beat Australia and Pakistan beat New Zealand in the semifinals. People are expecting to see the battle between Sahid Afridi and Yuvaraj Singh in the game since they've shown wonderful game in the earlier games.

Online shops, a hot business

Online shopping have changed the lifestyle of people these days. Very few people now in America and Europe want go to the shops for shopping. You can now order everything from your computer and that can arrive your house with in a hour and little long if you have to buy it from foreign. This has already been very popular in America and Europe but there are very few online stores in South asia and Africa. So it can be a great business if can be developed in a right way.
Running a online shop is not a very hard work. There are several ready made shopping cart softwares. Ashop shopping cart is one of such shopping cart softwares. Ashop lets merchants sell anything online. It comes with complete documentation and very easy set up procedure. It accepts credit card payment online and is very affordable comparing with other shopping carts. Beside that Ashop cart have a lot of other features like fully customizable design, free store design and very good support system.

So, if you're also looking to make a online shopping site then think about Ashop shopping cart.

Indian Idol FInished

The most popular TV programme in India and south Asia finishes itself yesterday making Prashant Tamang Indian Idol. Prashant Tamang is a resident of Darjeeling and of Nepali origin. Prashant Tamang works as a Police Boy in Mumbai police. The the title "Indian Idol" Prashant Tamang won 1 crore cas, a car, one music album contract and another contract of 1 crore by sony television.
Amit Paul another finalist also got a car. Beside these prizes both are very talented singer and have already received offers by several music directors to sing for them. According to the Sony Enteretainment Tevevision, more than 7 crores of votes were received for the show.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dell, the best computer brand.

I have a 3 years old assembled desktop personal computer which have almost stopped to work now. It hangs in each 30 seconds, I don't know whats the problem with this machine but I am not going to use it anymore. I am going to buy a new computer and this time I will buy branded computer. I am looking to buy Cordless Desktop. There is no doubt that dell is the best computer brand. I am already using dell inspiron notebook which is performing wonderful. Its pretty hard to work more than 15 hours each day in laptop so I am buying desktop. Now, I am looking to a easiest way to get shipped it to my place.

Bill gates is the richest american since last 14 years

Bill gates have again topped the list of richest people in America. It is the 14th year since he've regulary winning the top spot of this list. Bill gates is the owners of the leading computer Operation system and other products. He owns Microsoft followed by another investment guru Warrent Buffet. Google owners ergey Brin and Larry Page, who came in joint fifth place, with fortunes of $18.5bn apiece.
Bill gates owns 59 billion while buffet owns 52. The other billionaires in the list is investor Kirk Kerkorian who is the biggest gainer in the list and he is in 7th place.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Amesterdam, a good place to visit

Have you ever been in Amesterdam? This is a must visit place if you have not visited Amesterdam yet. We've been there once in the way to Australia. We spent two days there and that was a very good visit of us. The city is very beautiful and big. We enjoyed the luxurious hotel, night club and the whole city.
There is a very good place to book hotels in Amsterdam, if you ever want to go there. is a very good place to book hotels there. Easytobook has all informations regarding to the hotels and accomodation. The site is very easy to navigate so you will easily find the hotel of your choice. All kinds of hotels ranging from 2 start to 3 star and 4 , 5 are listed in organized way so you will not have to search for a long time. You can also get barcelona hotel informations in the site.

South africa goes out of twenty20

India defeated South Africa by 39 runs in the ongoing pre-semifinal game of twenty20 world cup. This was very intresting game. India lost frist 3 wicket early but made a very good sum of 153 runs with the help of 45 by captain MS Dhoni and 50 by another young newcomer Rohit Sharma.
India in reply took 3 early wicket. RP singh did a very well bowling. RP took 4 wicket giving only 14 runs in the game. Rohit Sharma who've scored 50 run was awarded as Man of the match.
India did not only with the match, they also sent South Africa out of the tournament. New zealand and India have entered in semi final from this group. The semifinals will be played between India vs Australia and Pakistan vs Newzealand in Saturday.

High quality term papers

My friend luke bought some term papers from I have never bought such things yet because I've always had time to do such things for me and I've always enjoyed to write. But I think this kind of services are very good for the people who are busy in work and do not have much time to work. also provide eassay writing, speech writing, research papers and other writing services. They delivers very good services, I've seen the papers he got from them, they are obviously a lot more better than that I wrote.

Indian Idol to finish in sunday

The extremely popular season of Indian Idol is going to end coming saturday. This is probably the most famous TV show in Indian History. Two contestants Amit paul and Prashat tamang has been reached to final. Prashat comes from Indian Security force and resides in Darjeeling. Amit Paul comes from Meghalaya. This is going to be a tough batter between these talented singers. The result will be according to the sms voting received from the viewers.
I think Prashant is an average singer but have a great number of supports. He also got sympathy beside the fanship from people because of is from the security force. Amit paul is incredibly a great singer. He also have great fanship so, its gonna be really very hard battel between two talented singers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Working in abroad

Going abroad for study and job is the hottest trend now. Lots of my friends are in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Some even works in England and other European country and even in Arabs. One of my friend just flew to scotland. He get jobs in job in edinburgh. He went there to work as accountant. Scotland is a very good place to stay he says. He've been there couple of times before. Getting a job in edinburgh is not hard if you have skills and qualification.

He have done masters degree in business and finance so I think he will do his job with very good performance. I already have a business here otherwise I would also be going there. I will miss him so much. Edinburgh is a nice place to work and stay. And I hope my friends also earn good with this edinburgh job.

Nokia lauches new phone

Nokia launches a new phone and thats called E51 Business Phone. This is another extension of E series phone which was kinda stopped after the huge success of the N series phone. This phone comes with telephony, mobile email and messaging, office phone functionality, and cost savings hence its an complete business phone.
Here is more features you can get in this phone.
*FM radio
*Multimedia Player
*Camera (2 MP)
*Wi-Fi and EDGE supported

And the price is little bit expensive, 350 Euro. I would rather prefer a good SE walkman phone.

Pimp your home with Angelian Home improvement products

I care so much about the house interiors and exteriors. I've been a habit of it since I was a child. I don't like to stay longer in others room because I don't like the way other manages their house. I've recently rent a new apartment and I've decorated it in a wonderful way. One thing I wanted to change about it was the windows and other exteriors but I don't have permission to do that.
I had done some windows improvement in my own home but I am not more living there. I bought double glazing windows from Angelian Home Improvements and some kitchen accessories too. Angelian Home Improvement is a nice place if you're looking to pimp your house. They have beautiful windows, kitchen accessories, garage and uPVC doors.I may be will be buying some kitchen arrangements for my this new apartment from Angelians.

And once again, australia goes down.

Australia goes down again in the match with pakistan. Australia did well in the ends but didnt get much runs since they lost the first wicket in the earlier wicket. In reply pakistan beat then by 6 run loosing only 4 wicket. Australia also started good bowling sending the first batsman to pavillon in the earlier wicket but they couldnt stock The captain soiab malik, mis bah ul haq. They didnt even require sahid afridi, I was looking for him but its good. I also saw the first free hit of the match I think. Pakis scored the target before the last 3 balls and the game ended with a wide ball by bret lee with whom I was expecting some wickets of Pakistan. I think australia's bowling was bad.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Discover places to hang out

I often like to hang out in small coffee shop or sandwich shop near Thamel. But its kinda boring, going in the same place each day. And that obvious, any people can be bored easily for going in the same place each day. Here is one solution. I found a site called Trustedplace. This is a community where you can find restaurants, cafes, pubs and etc. You can get full informations about London bars right from the site if you're going London. So you can be sure that where to visit in London before going there.

Rahuld Dravid resigned from the captaincy

Rahul Dravid have resigned from the captaincy of Indian Cricket team. He had resigned from the team after they loose the Natwest series by 4-3 with england. India played pretty good with a very good game by sachin tendulkar and saurav ganguly. Now India is playing twenty20 in the captaincy of MS Dhoni.They're already out from the game after they lost the game with new zealand yesterday. Indian Cricket seems like dieing.
The new captain has not yet been decided yet but I guess it will be someone among Yuvraj Singh, Sachin and MS Dhoni.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bachata dance, now easier to learn

How many of you know about bachata dance? I didn't know it honestly before I see it in a movie and some research in wikipedia. I'm very intrested on this now. bachata is a dance which is very popular in latin dance clubs. It very much relates to the Salsa dance. I really like this dance. As being a good salsa dance and salsa enthusiastic I like to learn bachata too. I've got couple of materials to learn bachata. One is a dvd with all the instruction with very good visualization. You'll love it. Here is the link.
Bachata Crazy.

Newzealand defeates India by 10 runs

Another bad day for Indians, they lost the game with New Zealand by 10 runs. India also started very good but later failed to keep the pace. Indian had started very good when they won the toss and sent new zealand to bat. They sent Lou Vincent packing with only 11 runs on the board. More reports:
Having won the toss and sent New Zealand in to bat, India struck early when they sent Lou Vincent packing with only 11 runs on the board.

But a solid 45 off 31 balls from fellow opener Brendon McCullum meant the New Zealanders got back on track. He notched up a 50-run partnership with Peter Fulton and another vital 50-run partnership further down the order between Craig McMillan and Jacob Oram saw the Black Caps reaching a significantly improved total of 190 (compared with their disappointing 164 against Sri Lanka on Saturday), their last wicket falling off the final ball of the innings.

Full report here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Discount coupons for online stores.

JC bought some bags from ebag but he doesn't know much about online shopping. I recommended him to to see in coupon chief before going to And that helped. He got some discount on the bags and he is happy. I recommend you to use if you're also looking to buy a bag from Go to CouponChief, browse the ebag category , get a ebag coupon informations and then shop. Its easy.
You can also get coupons for other stores like dell, amazon, bestbuy coupons and a lot more. You can easily find the discount offers to the stores which you will have to try hard in other places,even in the stores website themselves. You can also search the discount coupons by the product, you can search by category etc. Its a great place to visit before buying something online.

A card you can visit all over the london with

Wouldn't that be fun if you pay in only one place and then enjoy all over the day without paying? Of course that would be. I carry a card called Ktmcard which give discount to me all over the Kathmandu. Just like that The London Pass serves the London Tourist with easy services to the city London. Actually its not just like that, its a lot more than that.
The the London Pass, you can get a FREE entry to 56 charging tourist destination in London. The destinations includes The London Tower and London Zoo. Not only that, the card comes with a lot of discounts, freebies and of course the FREE guidebook full of need to know about the things in London.

Australia lost with Zimbabwe in their first game

Zimbabwe lost Australia with by 5 wicket in both of their first game in ICC twenty20 world cup yesterday. Australia won the toss and choose to bat, they only made 139 run in 20 over. Zimbabwe in answer made the target before the 2 ball of the last over. The match was once interrupted by the rain but played later. Zimbabwean players did wonderful bowling and fielding in the first inning hence made easy to win the game.
Pakistan beats Scotland in the other match played earlier same day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Diabetes care

Diabetes is a big problem here around me. There are a lot of people I can see suffering from this. Here I came across a good resource and product site for the diabetes patients. There is a product called Freestyle Diabetic Strip which helps you to change your way how you think about testing your blood glucose levels.
Freestyle Diabetic Strips is designed to prevent sore fingers by requiring a tiny blood sample - the smallest in the world! With the Freestyle Test Strips you need only a 0.3 microliter blood sample. This have very few side effects and this is intended for use with FreeStyle, FreeStyle Flash and FreeStyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems which combine a large display screen with an ergonomic design for testing that is easy on your hands and eyes.

ICC twenty20 wordcup starts today

Finally the most exciting cricket thing twenty20 world cup starts today. The first inning of the first match has been just finished while I am writing this post. The first game was between the host South Africa and West Indies. South Africa won the toss and choose to field. West Indians finished the inning with fabulous hundred by Chris Gayle. They made 205 run with the loss of 5 wickets.

Drug Rehab service

I have lots of friends who are addicted to drugs. I don't understand what kind of pleasure do they get by using those drugs but yes i can clearly see that they are ruining their life by doing so. I have seen them fighting, shouting and doing many kinds of deeds that are not to be done in public. They are getting more and more violent by each day. Last week one of my friend had to be rushed to the hospital because he had over abused the drug and was vomiting whole night long. I then decided to take them to drug rehab and luckily my friend agreed to go after such a disastrous night.

There are lots of drug rehabilitation center available that cater to addicts but every addictions is not of same kind and each individual has to be catered according to his addiction. I found Cliffside rehab, a Drug Rehab in Malibu to be one of such rehab center that takes care of each addict individually. They provide a home like environment with all the necessary amenities. There team of doctors and, therapists and practitioners all are highly trained and can handle any situation. Cliffside Malibu guarantees that once a person goes out of rehabilitation center then he will never again fall in addiction. The most important thing i liked about this center is that there environment is very healthy as they are situated along the ocean and have all the facilities of outdoor training.

Federer did it again for the 4th time

An hour after roger Federer Struck a most familiar pose, hoisting that silver trophy over his head, another celebration took place at the US Open. Novak Djokovic's family and friends threw him a little party on Sunday night, as if he'd won. Pretty funny but that makes sense, too. Because these days, noone play for the first place in tennis. Everyone basically play for the second place because its almost always sure that Federer is going to win the title.
Federer beat Djokovic in sunday by 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 for the fourth US open tennis and 12th Grand Slam for his life. It was the first time since Bill Tilden in 1920 won the American Grand Slam four years in row. And this is Roger Federer. Federer Earned a Grand Slam record $2.4 million, $1.4 million for winning the tournament and $1 million bonus for finishing atop the US Open Series standing based on performances at hard-court tuneup events.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Coupone chief makes online shopping easy

I have to gift something to my sisters in thanksgiving. They were always giving me gifts and they never asked with me for gift. They said they will ask for it when I start earning. Now I'm doing job so I have to gift them in anyway. I'm confused what to buy anyway. They are quite a tech girls, so I am thinking something electronic products. I think laptop will be fine. I've seen some discount coupons on Couponchief. Couponchief is a website which provides discount coupons for online shopping. you can find coupons for several online stores in Couponchief like dell, old navy, gap, ebags and other. I will shop something using dell coupons. Such coupons are available at coupon chief.
I'm searching something to buy for them since some days now I think I've decided. One will be a laptop and another Camera. My little sister is kind of photographer. She loves photography.

Pak Govt calls Nawaz's bluff, reveals exile pact

Former Priminister of Pakistan was arrested and soon deported to Saudi Arabia just after he arrived in Islamabad after 7 Years. He was returning from United Kingdom after 7 years.
The court had recently said that Nawaz Sarif can return to the country,he was also about to return pakistan to compete in upcoming predential election in the opposite of Parvej Musharraf. The lawyers of Nawaz have immediated moved the court against governments move to deport him. In the meanwhile the government authorities produced documents which show Sarif had entered into a pact with Saudi Government for not returning to the country for 10 years.
He was stopped into PIA airplane for more than 1 hour after the plane landed into the Airport in Islamabad then arrested on corruption charged and soon suddenly taken towards another plane and sent towards Jeddha, Saudi Arabia.

5 hours International call free in Pingo

Here comes the best Callng Card Service Pingo with another great offer for the clients. They are giving $8 in FREE Calls! for their customers. I don't if this is not new but I've just seen this offer. You can save big money using Pingo on the Long Distance Phone calls.
People know Pingo as the cheap calling card provider in the world. They provide service in fairly very cheap price. There is no any hidden costs included. And here is one special offer for this blog reader. Use following coupon to get special $3 off Pingo service.
Code: "ppp3".
Let me tell you more about pingo if you have not used it yet. Pingo is very popular instant calling card. It can save up to 90% on your International cell phone calls.This is usable across 35 countries all over the world. It has facilities like auto recharge and pin less dialing. And if you refer your friend and you'll get 5$. So, you can even make extra money from it. Click here if you like to join.

MTV Video Music Awards 2007

Here are the winners of 2007 Video Music Awards. Justin Timberlake Did Heroic Job this year. Kudos for him. The VMA night was absolutely of Timberlake and Rihanna. Brittney Spears did a wonderful performance. Chrish Brown performance was also not bad.
Rihanna f/ Jay-Z "Umbrella"
Monster Single Of The Year

Justin Timberlake

Quadruple Threat Of The Year

Beyoncé f/ Shakira "Beautiful Liar"

Most Earth-Shattering Collaboration

Justin Timberlake

Male Artist Of The Year

Female Artist Of The Year

Fall Out Boy
Best Group

Gym Class Heroes

Best New Artist
Rihanna f/ Jay-Z "Umbrella"
Video Of The Year
Justin Timberlake "My Love"
Choreographer: Marty Kudelka

Best Choreography
Justin TImberlake "What Goes Around....Comes Around"
Director: Samuel Bayer

All Best Director
Gnarls Barkley "Smiley Faces"
Editor: Ken MoweView

Best Editing

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Innovative tutor for the kids

My friends little son ryan just finished tution from Score. Its very cool. He've improved very good on mathematics. He was very weak on it and now score helped him a lot. Score is Innovative Tutor for the students if you don't know. They provide innovative tuition facility for all lever students in any of the subjects.
I recommend score if you're looking for a good tutor for your kids.

England India 7 day ODI series in very intresting point

India have labled the 7 day ODI series against England after beating India by 2 balls yesterday in England. The game was very interesting. Sachin Tendulkar made fabolous 94 runs who have been announced Man of the Match. He missed another century because of his leg injury during the game. England had given the target of 317 with fabolous 5 sixes in the last over. India batted very good back and made it just two ball before the match end. Robin Uthappa played very good roll on Indias win. He played very good at the end of the game and made India Winner.

The Final ODI of the series will be held tomorrow.

Human Growth Harmone Products

I came across quite a useful website. Its Sytropin HGH. Its Sytropin, your source for the top HGH product available without a prescription. HGH has been already extensively covered by Newsweek, Dateline, Oprah Winfrey, and the American Journal of Medicine. It is specialized mixute of homeopathic HGH, growth factors, and potent amino acid releasers designed to make greater production of human growth hormone by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. They product HGH Spray. Its a liquid form of Human Growth Hormone.It provies a great means of assimilation in the human blood.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Property in Cyprus

Three more of my friends flew yesterday toward cyprus for their higher degree in hotel management. I've been always very attracted to cyprus but I never wanted to go other place leaving my family and my business. Recently one of my friend who went cyprus 3 years ago has bought some property in North Cyprus from wellington estate ltd. Wellington Estate ltd is a very reputable real estate agency in Cyprus. North cyprus is a very good place, I have been there last year in the marriage of my friend. Specially the restaurant of the North Cyprus is wonderful, I must say that. I'm also planning some North Cyprus Property. Lets see how much I earn till the end of this year.

Document scanning service.

Document Scanning Service is pretty new to us. Actually for my friends. I've been quite familiar with this since couple of times, I've done some of the works with several document scanning service providers. Generally in bigger offices Document scanning services have been quite easy and popular thing nowadays. Document scanning service includes transfer your paper records into electronic copies which is very necessary to use it for the further use as well as this helps on the rules and regulations by government or law. The documents which needs hundreds of racks to store, it will only take a small HDD which cost around one hundred dollars.

Here I am going to tell about such Document Scanning Service I've used. Record Nations is one of the very good place for scanning your documents. The electronic copies are now available in easily understandable document databases. All the documents can be easily found using the keywords.They also provide hard copy for the all documents if needed for the further use. Record nation is very good if you're looking for this kind of service. And if you have not yet used document scanning service then I recommend using this. Its good for your business.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

University of Wales goes online

I will be graduating in 5 months. This time I'm looking to do my MBA from abroad. I've just started a business and I'm confused whether to go abroad leaving this business or leave my abroad dream to continue my business. Now, I've found a choice. I dont know I will do this or not but I'm consulting with my friends about this. I just came across a page about The University of Wales Online programme. The famous University of wales give a online degree option so I will not have to go abroad quitting my job to get international degree. I hope it will work.