Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheap and relaible domain registration

A website needs domain name unless its hosted in free blogging or other platform like this website Current Affairs. Having a website with own domain is more profitable than hosting a website in other's domain. It helps you on achieving better rank in search engine as well as it helps on personal branding since its pretty hard to remember your site if its in sub domain. Its easy for the visitors to remember the websites name. Domain registration generally cost around ten dollars. And more depending upon the features added. A lot of things should be considered before registering a domain. It should not only be cheap but easy to control, strong support facility and bundled with all necessarry tools.
PayLessDomains are one of the domain registrars which I've been registering my domain names. They are very reliable and affordable. You can also register domains as well as all top level domains there. You can buy web hosting as well in PayLessDomains.

David Beckham taken out from England Squad

English midfielder David bechkman will not be playing in a friendly match against switzerland in 6th february. Coach Fabio Capello things David is not physically fit and can play good against switzerland. Beckham was dropped by capello before also when playing for Real Madrid. The 32 year old fomer English Captain has snot played good game after England's euro qualifying defeat by croatioa back in November.
Beckham has been on training at Arsenal is to announce plans to expand his soccer academy. He said before that he is all fit to play for England if the team calls before. He is expecting to win his 100th international cap. The new coach Fabio Capello however doesn't seem agree with David. Capello have now planned to take him out of the squad however the provisional party for final squad announcing has not been yet held.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Generation Shopping Websites

There are a lot of websites where you can shop online. You can buy everything online. From household accessories to industry products. But you will not get the best thing easily. Everyone says their product good. What you should do is, first research what the clients or users say about the product before you buy anything. That will help you to know about the product before you buy, so you will not have any problem later. The new online shopping websites now has user review system where the buyers will share their experiences with the product after buying. That helps the fellow buyers to choose the right product. Buyers also can ask about the product in the comment.
Some shopping websites which are hot now,has products listing from a lot of shopping sites and rating as well as review. That helps the users to choose from different brand, different store and different price range. For example if you're needing a miele vacuum cleaner, then you just search the brand name, the website will show all the products of that brand, rating for that product and user reviews. And there will be place for the buyers for their questions about that product.

Choosing a right webhosting company

I am an webmaster by hobby and I own some website in various topics. In the period of two years, I have changed my host 3 times. What made me to change my host quite often is, I could not make a absolute choice regarding to my requirement. And thats the common problem of newcomer webmaster. What I suggest to all of those newcomer webmasters is, first learn completely about web hosting, learn completely about what you are needing and only then, go to choose hosting for you. Web Hosting Choice can help you. Its a website which is dedicated for those people who are needing knowledge or informations about web hosting.
Their hosting search facility will help you to find the right host according to your requirements and budget.

Petro price hike called off

The government of Nepal has called off the price hike in diesel, LPG and Kerosene after receiving massive criticism from all around the nation. The government has increased the price of petro on Monday and that was the 3rd time government called the petro price hike in this fiscal year. The PM directed Nepal Oil Corporation after in informal meeting have request the Nepal Oil corporation go call of the price hike. The student and some political parties have even called Vally bandh today against the price hike. All the vally bandh programs have been called off according to them after the govt called back the price hike. Supply minister Shyam Sunder Gupta says, " The price hike is called off considering the public sentiments." The public transporters have already announced to increase the fare by 25% after the price hike has been announced.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fixing bad credit

Bad credit is one of the most common financial problem. Bad credit can cause you to always paying but never get out of debt. There are a lot of services available against bad credit. Some provide paid consultation and some provides free informations about bad credit offers and the solution of the problem. is one of such information and service providers. They have informations about credit cards, credit reports, credit repairs and all kind of credit related informations. Here is some tips on fixing bad credit.

The first thing you should do is get a copy of credit report from your credit provider. And if there is any error write them to fix the error. If you find any bad things on the report then try to pay the debts as soon as possible. And one more thing to care about, pay the highest interest rate first. And if your debt is complicated or too big then try to consult the credit counseling firms. They will help you to consolidate your debts which might reduce your monthly payments by up to 40 percent. Be careful when choosing those consolidation firms because some of them might plunge you further into debt. Use less credit cards as possible. And once you've cleared your all debts then try to get a new credit card to build a good credit history. Promptly pay off the balance of credit card monthly after that so you will not have bad credit anymore.

Ex rebel admits eating children's hearts

A former liberian rebel commander Milton Blahyi has admitted to taking part in human sacrifices in order to celebrate traditional ceremonies which intentds to ensure victory in battle. Milton Blahyi is a feared leader of a rebel group in liberia's brutal civil war.He is widely known as General But Naked" because he went into the combact with no cloths on to scare the enemy.According to Blahyi, in order to the celebration they killed innocent cildrens, plucked their heart our and then divided into pieces to eat. However there had been numerous ruhous of brutal killings in liberia at the war, this is the first time someone addmitted publicly to the practice. Mr. Blahyi is now a precher and likes to be called JOshua. He confessed that his forces had killed 20000 people during the war. He also said that confessing to his crimes and asking for forgiveness can help to heal the country's wounds.
He can be now found preching on the street against murder and human sacrifices.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Choosing a right mortgage

Choosing a right mortgage is a big challenge. And if you're new then its the really tough thing for you to do. You might get into big trouble later if you choose a bad mortgage. You will always be paying for it but never can get out of it. So, you better need to consult a mortgage experts otherwise websites who provides information about mortgage. Hiring mortgage experts can cost a big money so the website idea is great and its allmost free.You should not pay anything for it. You will get all the informations in mortgage. There are several website which provides information on mortgage and other finance related stuffs.
     is one of such websites. The website covers all the finance related topics including credit cards, loans, mortgages, savings, insurance etc.If you are new or if you want to know more about mortgage then they have a complete mortgage guide. That will teach you how much you can borrow, how to repay your mortgage. You will know everything about all mortgage costs , mortgage quotes, mortgage deals and all other mortgage terms. More importantly you can compare mortgages available in the website. 
       Seeing this kind of website before going for mortgage, insurance or loans is really helpful in order to be secure from possible financial problems. 

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mouresmo made exit in third round

2006 Australian Wopen title winner Mouresmo crashes out in the third round in Australian Open Tennis. She was defetead by 78 seeded Australian Casey Dellacqua by 3-6 6-4 6-4.
Mouresmo who ranks 18 in the world has had bad time after last years tournament. She had an appendectomy and later groin muscle injury which made her sit out for 4 months. She missed US open during that period.
Casey Dellacqua will now face world number three Jelena Jankovic. Justin Henin and Serena williams have entered in round four in other matches.

Relocation has been made easy by websites

People needs to relocate because of their job, business and other reason. And some people do it even as hobby. I have a friend who often changes city. She last time went to Dallas to finish her book and she then moved to California after that. She does one of her project in one place and then leave that place. She says she can do it better in changing environment. And I have see a lot of other people who does same. They often move their place with in a same city or with in a country.

Its fun since you can see new places, new people and new environment but its a very tough task as well. Specially if you're not too rich. You need to know about the place in detail. For example if you are moving to Houston then you need to know about the availability of things like Houston real estate, rentals, mortgages etc. People are using several websites to learn about the place where they are going to move. There are plenty of websites serving the people who are on the move. If you are movie to a place, for example to Georgia then those kind of website have everything from Georgia real estates to mortgages facility in Georgia, rentals and all other information. You can also search for some specific place before you can decide to move. You can find Las Vegas real estate before going there in Internet, which will help you to settle there in easy way. These cities are only examples you can get full informations about all the states in US in

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taare Jameen Par

Everyman is special. No matter a boy or a girl.  No matter a child or a senior citizens. I saw a bollywood movie named Taare Jameen Par(Stars in earth)yesterday about a child with the problem of dyslexia. The movie shows how the people who has such kind of problem also can do things like a normal person in life if they are cared in a good way. If they are not cared in good way they just go down and down. All they need is better caring. They can do what a normal person can do. But what is better caring? How to do better caring? The movies shows it all. The movie is excellent. The child actor is awesome and Aamir Khan is masterpiece. I suggest everyone to see that movie.

Bettercaring is a very good resource for such kind of problem. I mean for like for child care, old people etc. They have very good articles on how to care other people, how to make them happy and importance of those people. They also have informations about all the available care options like nursing home, child care  etc.

UK Driving Secrets

Are you going UK ? Do you drive car? Then you should first take a very good lesson on driving in UK. UK have very strict rule on driving and they charge fines thousands of drivers each day for miner driving offenses. And for the experienced drivers. So if you're new there are very high chance for you of being fined. So, I suggest you do read this book to beat the speeding ticket.
Http:// has a book which tells you everything about how can you beat the speeding ticket and prevent yourself from paying heavy fine. The book tells all the secrets about beating tickets.
You might not know about beating tickets, here is how it works. If you're caught once then you will face three point on your licence, next time that increases. When it becomes 12 you will be banned for driving in UK for forever. So you should be able to beat the minor speeding tickets.

Are you financially Secure?

I took a fun quiz at SettlementQuotes and found out how secure I am financially. Its a fun quiz but it gives the exact overview result. You should try it. Not only financial quiz, you can play a lot of fun quizzes there and find more about yourself. After you play quiz you will be given a badge like this one to put on your website and blog.

Its really cool.

I took a quiz on "are you financially secure? ". Here is my result.

67%Are you financially secure?

DVD region Unlock Codes

Do you have a problem that you DVD players can not play all the DVDs? I didn't know the reason first. I was contentiously looking for the firmware updates, driver update and other possible causes. But What I found a good informations about this problem as well as result in region free DVD .

They said DVD's are limited to play in certain regions only. I was amazed to see this info. But I realized it. I am in UK that means my player can not play a DVD which is made for United States. That make sense.

And they have solution to unlock your DVD or to make region from DVD player to play all DVD's also. They are offering a software called DVD Unlocker which unlocks your DVD so that can play all the DVD players. And the price is all extremely cheap. You can get the software only for 9.95$ if you order now.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sania Mirza Summoned

Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza received a notice of summons from an Indian court. The court issued summons for allegedly disrespecting the national flag during a program. In the same case the Union Minister for Sports and Youth welfare has also  been complained but court refused to entertain saying there is no evidence found against Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar.

             The case was filed by a social worker Prakash Singh Thakur under prevention of Insult of National Honour act. Mirza disrespected the national flag by sitting in a manner pointing the tri color flag by her feet according to Thakur who says that was derogatory and hurt the Indian National Honor.

             Mirza, 21 is only player from India under the 100th postion in WTA ranking from India. Photographs published in local newspapers are submitted as the evidence in the case. She will have to appear in court before March 3rd.

Recover your file after its deleted

I often have this problem. I delete some file and I want them later. Sometimes by mistake and sometimes by knowing that. Generally the songs. I delete songs after I listen them contentiously for long time. I delete them and after some days I again want to listen those songs. I have found a solutions. I just bought a file recovery software which recovers the deleted files. And its just for 19$. Its a wonderful software.

Its not only me who has this problem. This is problem with a lot of people. Sometimes files just deletes by mistake and people need them later. You can find a software for this problem in The software can restore hundreds of files deleted with in  some seconds.   The software was also featured in CNN which urges me to buy that software and I found that exactly how I've heard. You can restore the files in folder structure like how that was before deleting. And it works with any kind of drives and file formats.

The brand value of Australian team is suffering dramatically

No doubt. Australia is one of the best teams in the world of cricket. They have been played very good game since long time and they are the team which have won the world cup most. Australia has fan all over the world including a big share in India. Despite often cold relationships with the Indian Team, Australia has very big fan fare in India.

But after the recent behavior on the 2nd test in Sydney, the brand value of Aussie team is expected to decrease dramatically. "The attitude of Australian team as they want to win in any case forced me not to support any more to Australian Team", a cricket fan said to local television in New Delhi.

Australian team will need to readjust their behavior against other team to regain the massive fanfare and popularity and support in India and all over the world since even the sports legends of Australia have criticized on the behavior of their behavior.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Online Pharmacy Service

Everything has gone online now. From study to shopping and from music to TV shows. You don't need anything else if you have Internet. Health sector can not be out of touch from such a great development of technology.

I came across this online pharmacy. Onlinepharmacy21 is an online pharmacy service with 24/7 service and have wide range of medicines. You can order the prescribed medicines anytime and you should not wait for any doctors, you won't need to bothered about privacy problem and the main thing is you will not have to browse to a lot of medicine shops to get the medicine you need. They have everything in box. The medicines they're offering might not be available everywhere in your town. They are secure to use who uses Fedex to ship your order. Their licensed Physicians review the order before shipping the products to ensure the right use of medicines.  

Golden Globe Ceremony will not take place this year

The traditional award ceremony  which awards the movie and TV artists each yearwill not take place this year because of the strike by writers over royalties. The winner of the awards will this year be announced at an hour long press conference. The award previously used to be hosted with lavish dinner and ceremony.

The conference will take place at 1800 local time on sunday in beverly hills announcing the film and Tv award winners. The actors also have supported the writers. Actors will not cross picket lines to support the writers. The writers are in strike since November over residuals royalties for work distributed online or on DVD for which they are not being paid till now. The strike have caused number of problem on products of all most all the TV show including Heroes.

Subliminal Message can help you in several cases

Do you want to be more healthy? More happy? Do you want to loose weight without any surgery? Do you want to get rid of life-long fears and phobias? Of course everyone wants these things but onlyfew people find the solution of those problems. I can help you. I can show a very good product which will help you on all of these problems. has a powerful subliminal CDs with software tool which is being used by army, Olympic medallists and a lot other people. The software is very easy to use. And the message send directly to impressionable subconscious mind, where they're rapidly absorbed and used to create positive, lasting change. These subliminal messages are typically supplied as quick pictures or flashes of text or via barely audible whispers on CDs which causes a lot of changes in mental and physical power. Go to for more information.

Minister Dies in Sri Lanka Blast

A roadside bomb killed have killed a government minister of Sri Lanka. DM Dassanayake, minister for nation-building  was hospitalized after the blast. He was in undergoing surgery for severe head injury according to the hospital where he was taken. He was travelling between Colombo and the international airport when the bomb blasted. A body guard of minister also killed in the blast and more than 10 other people were injured.

Tamil Tigers have been blamed for the blast however they have not yet claimed that. Another explosion was held on Tuesday in central Colombo.  According to the police officials that caused no damages.

Download entire site in lightning fast speed

You sometimes might need to see a website offline. We have a problem here, Internet costs really high. Website downloaders are very good solutions in such cases which capture website.

I came across this awesome website downloaders software. Which can download whole website in a three simple clicks. It grabs all the contents including images, text and audio. You can also customize the result of the download. Like what components you want to download and what you don't want to download. The speed is superfast. You can see more informations and screenshot of the software in . And its very cheap. only 16$.

India will resume the tour: Cricket board

Cricket board of Australia have announced that India will continue their touch of Australia, after a meeting on Tuesday. India had announced a halt on the series after the spinner Harbhajan Singh was banned for 3 games accusing of making racist remark in the second test over Andrew Symonds.

The controversy resulted replacement of the umpire for the third test. India officials and players have complained about the umpiring of Steve Bucknor.

Harbhajan was found to be guilty of calling Australia all rounder Symonds , a monkey by match referee Mike Procter.ICC issued a suspension on him after that.Harbhajan and Indian team filed an appeal against the suspension. he is clear to play until the appeal has been heard.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Solution for Sleep Deprivation

25% people are currently suffering from Sleep Depravation or insomnia .

You also might have spend a lot of nights thinking about friend if not playing game in mobile phone like me. You might have been frustrated all night, you might have spend numbers of nights turning from one side to another side in bed. Yes, a lot of people have that problem.

And there is a solution also for this problem. This is called Cure Sleep Deprivation Cd. This cd is just a recording which begins at 14hz and goes down to amazingly relaxing 0.9hz. It has been designed to cure those who is suffered from sleep deprivation. You will start listening this and you will never heard the end of the CD. You will sleep soon. This is a magic. The science behind it was discovered by German Scientist called HW Dove. And now its being used for insomnia cure.

I also had that problem. But no more. I used to spend night playing game in my mobile phone all night.

Obama Girl Tops Chart

The famouse Obama girl video topped the chart of most viewed video in Youtube. Obama Girl Video is created by a young barely political singer . The video shows her love for the Democratic Predential candidate Barack Obama. The video was ranked top in the basis of how many times they were viewed as well as the rating for the video by users and how many times they're shared and the comments on the video.

The Obama girl video has been viewed more than four million times and more times on TV after being featured on news and talk shows.

Improve Your Self Using Hypnosis

Hypnotism is the latest technology from what I'm impressed so much. I'm so much interested on this and I have been searching for the resources about it since some months. Hypnosis is a method of changing your mental power, your thoughts, behaviors and even your soul. And body too. Hypnosis works guides you into deep state of relaxation. Its the one of the quickest way to make changes in life like yoga, reiki etc.

You can hipnotyse your self. There are several lessons or hypnotism provided in . You can help your friend by changing their thought, behaviors and even their physical structures. It can help on increasing memory, lose weights, stop smoking and everything else which needs good motivation.You can get specific course, like on which part your want to improve yourself. If you want to loose weight, they have lesson for loose weight. Check their website for the big list of specific self hypnosis courses.

Tour suspended after harbhajan's ban

BCCI has suspended their tour of Australia after the three match ban handed to spinner Harbhajan Singh. Thousands of the fans in India protested against the ban burning the Images of Sydney Test.

Harbhajan  was accused of making racist remark during the defeat to Australia in the 2nd Test. He was found guilty of breaching the player's code of conduct according to the International Cricket Council. The verdict was came out after four hour hearing after the Test. Assuies claims that Harbhajan Called all rounder Andrew Symonds a "monkey" during an field incident.

Australia has proposed a meeting between captains of two team so the series can continue.

Secure Browsing.

Hiding IP address have so many advantages. Its for good, for fun as well as for pranks. I used to play around this thing a lot when I was young. There are plenty of things you should be careful about browsing website. Some sites are harmful to use. Your computer sends your ip address while you browse Internet. IP address is the main key for the hackers and other fraud to your computer. People can get into your computer by using a single IP address.

So hiding you IP when browsing is a very good idea  be safe. You will be completely safe from those any kind of attacks or frauds if you do not let others to see your IP address. Hide IP Address provides you a good service in this case. This is a software which hides your IP address when you're browsing Internet. Its a very easy software to use, you can use it anywhere. You can customize it as you like. And best thing is it hides your IP in one click. You better  use something like this to get safe.

Here is the url again.

Iran boats 'threatened US ships'

Seems like Iran US relation is getting colder and colder. Reports says that five Iranian boats harassed some US Navy ships last week giving threat of blowing them up.

According to the US officials the incident happened in Hormuz, a major oil shipping route.White house has warned Iran saying it a provocative action which could result a dangerous incident while Iran said it ordinary occurrence.  According to the officials the Iranian boats came with in 200m of the US ships. They threatened to explode . The US ship was ready to fire then the speedboats turned away.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The hottest real estate property in America

The Hawaiian real estate is what all the people who have interest in real estate wants to buy. Hawaii is an wonderful place in America and whenever people want to buy property in America, people look if anything available for them in Hawaii. Specially the homes. People love to stay there enjoying the exotic beaches. People pays thousands of dollars for Hawaiian beach holiday. Obviously if people got a chance to buy their own home their, what could be better thing that that? .

    specialize in Hawaii real estate. Jeff Manson, and his staffs have long time experience on buying an selling real estate in Hawaii. They have finest homes, condos etc. They also provide service related to kauai real estate and maui real estates.

Bilawal Bhuttos in facebook

Bilawal Bhutto's facebook profile which was later  called hoaxed remained in the spotlight this week. A lot of top class newspapers get dodged by the bogus profile. Facebook later terminated that account saying that was not authentic.

LONDON (AFP) — Popular Internet site Facebook has said two purported profiles of slain Pakistan politician Benazir Bhutto's son Bilawal were not authentic, and that the company had taken them down.

Two officials from Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party, which the 19-year-old Bilawal took over on Sunday three days after his mother's assassination, said Thursday the profiles were a hoax.

Facebook, a social networking site that claims worldwide membership, did not specify how it had determined the profiles were bogus but said a "range of criteria" are used in making such decisions.

Read More.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Online Dating Sites

Dating has been easier these days. Online Dating Services are getting popular. There are plenty of them. Some are paid and some are free. They offer a lot of features so people spend plenty of hours watching in online dating sites. Peoples addiction in dating sites have caused banned of those dating sites in several college, schools and workplaces. People see each other from website, talk simply in website and they date. Its really easy. Millions of people use dating sites hence dating sites are one of the most popular kind of website.

            But not all the dating sites are good. You can choose any good of those dating websites and stick with that rather than visiting all the dating sites. Because some might not be of your type of some might be just too much for you. primedatingsites is a great resource for those people who wants to get into online dating. They have list of the online dating sites as well as the reviews of the websites. You can go to that site before choosing any dating sites because you will not have to later leave that site. You will know everything about that dating site without using it. So, it saves your time and even money if thats a paid dating website.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year in Years

Kurds were launching fire laltrens to celebrate the New Year, and that was no seen in Iraq Since before the 2003 American Invasion. I saw it somewhere in a TV Channel. People were seen public singing, dancing to welcome the new year. After a very long time of violence, after the years of regular car bombing, mortar fire and suicide attacks the war land was sufficiently calm to welcome the new year.

May be they are wishing to end the war for forever. They should be definitely wising no more George W Bush nor another Saddham Hussain.