Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gaijatra Celebrated

Gaijatra has been celebrate in kathmandu and other places of nepal. Gaijatra is a festival started by a ancient Malla king to show sympathy to her queen betrayed by the death of her son. Since then people has been celebrating gaijatra with man decorated like cow. Gai Jatra actually means something like Cow Festival. Gai means Cow in Nepal and Jatra means something like festival. Here is a pic i snapped yesterday in gaijatra.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flight, holiday and hotel services on australia

As I said in a post some days ago, Australia is really a very beautiful place.I visited three cities that time in Australia and that was my best International Trip ever. Specially Perth, I enjoyed that really a lot. Disco, drinks and friends. I'm still seeing the pics of that beautiful city. I don't know when can I go there next time but I will love to go there back.

My friend is going Australia next week to study. Australia has been the hot destination for abroad study these days. Even I was thinking about doing my BE from Australia but later when I started my own business I left that thought. I recommend himDialaflight for the flights to Australia.This was the same which we've used for our Australia trip. They provide very good solution for Flights to Australia,Holidays in Australia. If you're looking for cheap hotels and holiday in Australia Dialaflight is a very good place to start. I recommend you to use it if you're looking something in Australia. The site also provides information about other places btw. Like USA, France and a lot other beautiful countries and cities.

Online sports betting site have major problem

I saw that was down. I dont use this site much but I do see it sometimes to see how the betting is going. I thought it was normal error but I found this new site today. And I saw that is now switched to temporarily. And I figured the problem. It seems like the domain has been claimed and shut down by someone else. Here is the reason they said behind the's shutdown.

Welcome to the new (temporary) Bodog. As you may know by now, is experiencing a technical issue impacting our players' ability to access our website.
This is the result of a legal dispute over the ownership of the domain name. We are fighting this dispute. We are confident that we will win, but until all is settled, I do not want our battle to interrupt your play.So, I present you with You won't notice very many changes: same website, same brand, same product, and same service. Just a new domain name.
We are working to resolve any remaining issues on the temporary site as soon as possible, and fully expect to have our original site back up shortly.

I sincerely apologize if you were affected by our interruption and assure you that I will update you soon.


Calvin Ayre

Monday, August 27, 2007

How do you trust a product?

How do you trust a product? Its not necessary that all the product available on the market should exactly work for you. They might not work exactly like how the manufacturer claims. That is one of the major consumer problem. People have faced a lot of problem on choosing right product for them because they just can not find what is their real requirements or will exactly the product solve the problem or not. Specially the medicines. Medicines are very critical things which makes direct impact in life. This is the problem I faced when I was buying hot flashes.
Knowing the personal experience of a previous user of that product is the best solution of this problem. You can find the feedback of a product in several places so that you can know how it works hence, figure out is this ok for you or not. one of such place where you can read reviews from people that have used the products you're interested in.You can find feedbacks on several products ranging from provillus to cellulite cream and a lot of other products. Using this kind of site really helps if you're confused on buying something new or something which you have not used before.

England defeated India

England have defeated Indian in the 3rd ODI today of the online 7 day ODI series. Indian have won one match before on this series. England leads the series by 2-1. Saurav gangulary and Rahul Dravid played pretty good but all other Indian players went pavellion for cheap. Rahul Dravid and Saurav ganguly both got half century. Very well expected MS dhoni made only 12 runs where 2 players went without making the debut run. Ian Bell of England was announced Man of the Match who scored 79 and took two catches . Paul Collingwood leaded the team as Captain for todays match.
England bated first and made 281 run and India only made 239 in 48.1 over. Yuvaraj shing also made 45 runs.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hypnosis coach

This is interesting really. It would be a great fun if I can learn hypnosis.
I saw the yesterdays episode of the Indian soap CID. That had a story of hypnotism. A criminal used to hipnotise the victim and kill him. I found it really intresting and was researching on it. I found quite a lot of stuffs about hypnotism. One is is a site which teaches hypnosis. Dr Michael Masterman who worked in the self-development community and have been a hypnotist in UK is behind this site. He is the one who is giving this hypnosis tutoring facility.He've also written several best seller books on this subject. Since he is very professional and experience hypnotist there is no doubt this service is best.
Check their website for more

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bomb attack in India

At least 42 people were killed yesterday is two separate bomb explosion in India. Some 50 people are injured. The explosion was happened in Lumbini park, popular for its restaurants and amusements. The blast happened in an open-air auditorium, which was packed with families, watching a laser light show.Some unconfirmed reports also said police had defused a number of other explosive devices around the city.
Here is some news from BBC.
Police forensic teams are hunting for clues to who carried out twin bomb attacks that killed at least 42 people in the south Indian city of Hyderabad.The explosions took place minutes apart at an open-air auditorium and a popular outdoor restaurant. Investigators have been sifting through the wreckage looking for any leads.

Full news.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Interiors for my room

I'm decorating my apartment since some weeks. This is my new apartment which I'd started last month. I coloured the room and also bought all funitures. Now I am looking at some decorations, curtains and beddings for my room. I am going to make it really cool. Here I came across a site for fabrics for the bedings and curtains. I dont have previous experience on buying these things but this site have pretty good deal. I am going to buy some quilt covers, curtains and duvet covers from this site. Duget covers give room a quick and easy makeover. I'd seen some of them in my friends house some months ago.
The site is Terrysfabrics. They have complete solution for a beautiful room. You'll like it check. They have all products like curtain fabrics, poles, cushions and throws, lightings, bedding, rugs and what not. And one good thing is they will ship the products for free for all orders over 100 pounds. I hope my room will have very good interior after I fit all of these things on my room. Of course I also have to buy some beutiful curtains for my newly established office. Curtains makes a good impression since people see it before they see the other parts of office. I think I am in very good place. I might buy this also from Terrysfabrics.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Great time in Australia

Today was a kind of gettogether with friends. We played cards, had wonderful dinner at home and enjoyed the photographs we'd taken in Australia trip some 3 months ago. That was a very wonderful and enjoying travel to Australia.That was my first time in Australia and we had great time .
We visited three cities in Australia that time Adelaide , Perth and Sydney. All were very beautiful cities but we enjoyed in Perth most. Since some of my friends were already reading there we got a good deal on hotels in Perth. They've quite good experience with hotels and other things in Australia. Adelaide is another great city. Hotels in Adelaide are very comfortable and enjoying. With full of facilities. We went a local club in Adelaide also. We're planning Melbourne next year. I've been looking for places in Melbourne. Melbourne Accommodation is kinda expensive that others but never mind. I've heard a lot about this city and I will go there for sure.

JayZ , Hip Hop Cash King

Found an intresting news about Jay Z aka Shawn Carter. Forbes reports that Jay Z topped the chart of top earner in Hip Hop Music Industry. 50 cent is in the second position followed by P diddy in 3rd position.
Here is more from Forbes.
Unlike traditional music genres like pop, rock and country, whose artists generally make the bulk of their money selling albums and touring, hip-hop has spawned an impressive cadre of musicians-cum-entrepreneurs who have parlayed their fame into lucrative entertainment empires. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who nabbed the No. 2 spot on the list, presides over G-Unit, a diverse portfolio of businesses that includes apparel, ringtones, video games and even a line of fiction. All told, "Fiddy" as he is known to fans, made an estimated $32 million last year. "I'm creating a foundation that will be around for a long time, because fame can come and go or get lost in the lifestyle and the splurging," he told Forbes last year. "I never got into it for the music. I got into it for the business."

No interest on Credit Card

I amgoing apply for a credit card. I do have one from a bank but I want to get another for ease and comfortability. My current credit is fine for everything but Interest is quite higher. So I am looking for something cheaper cheaper like Mint Credit Cards. Mint Credit card is the best one I've every found. You can get facility of no interest on balance for 13 months. I bet you wont find anything like that anywhere.

Looking for a bike rack

I just got a new bike one week ago. Its a very good bike and first of mine. Its beautiful and it performs wonderful. Now I am looking to pimp my bike and looking to buy some essentials for my bike. I've bought some of them and now looking for a bike rack. I don't have much experience on it because I never had a bike before. I dont have much space in my garage for bikes so I am looking some advance type of bike rack. I am looking at one bike rack from Carguygarage. I like the overhead bike rack listed on that site. I will buy it from here if it ships to my place.

Indian Idol 3

Popular Television Series Indian Idol is being interesting at the last episodes of this season. Top 5 contestants are selected who will tomorrow fight for the top 4th position. The five contenstants are named Prashant Tamang, Meyang Chang, Emon Chatterjee, Amit paul and Ankita. Emon chatterjee seems very strong till the day. He is a very good singer. But all are good.
Tomorrow all five will be perform and one will be eliminated on friday based on the voting poll. I personally think either Emon chatterjee or Prashant Tamang will win this seasons title.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun time

How often do you go to the chat rooms? Chat is most famous part of Internet. Anyone who learn Internet starts with the chat. I did same and you too. There are several places where you can chat. I used to chat for hours when I was in school some years ago. I used to even leave my classes chatting in justachat. I do not chat much now because I do not have time. But sometimes I do. Specially in the saturdays. Not official holiday but I do very few work on saturday. I do not stay in Internet actually in saturday but if I do, then I do go to various chat rooms. I love to chat with girls and I chat with several girls when I go into chat rooms.
One of the place where I regulary go to chat is Wireclub. It is kinda new site but not so new. There are so many good things on this site beside free chating. There are blogs, community, dating site etc. Registration is easy and its free for all. Anyone can join and just start having fun. You can browse users by country also. So its easy to find people of intrest to whom you want to chat.Not only place, you can browse use by their intrest also. For example if you like rugby then you might want to talk to people who loves rugby. This search by intrest features allows you to search people who have similar intrest with you hence more fun.

P.S. This is a sponsored post.

Sanjaya dutta got the bail

Sanjaya Dutaa, a very well famous Indian Actor has got the bail yesterday. He was announced to have jail for next 6 years some weeks ago. He was found guilty to be connection with the gangster and that connects to the mumbai bomb attack on 1996. He had been also jailed some years ago for 15 months in the same case.
He is now out in bail. Thousand of Indians have been called the punishment is too much. It may be because of the powerful fanfare. The Munna Bhai MBBS actor have number of movies in the line to be released. The sequeal of super duper hit Munna Bhai MBBS called Munna Bhai Chale American is also in the process of release.

Velvet clothes shopping

I am not much concious about fashion But I am concerned about branded clothes. I only wear branded clothes. Some of my favorite fashion brands are john players, reebok, pantaloons and pepe jeans. I love velvet clothing. I hate to wear suits so, must of the time I can be found in jeans and T-shirts. Some times shirts also but I dont even like to wear shirts. They are pretty hard to wear, you can simply put a T-shirts into your body and you're ready. You dont need to set the button and you dont even need to press T-shirts.
I am now searching for new clothing brand and I came across some wonderful stores. I wanted some velvet clothes .Here I found one store for various kind of dresses. The store is Its an online boutique where you can buy latest fashions including latest velvet apparel and also speak to online stylist to help you choose what is best for you. All stores have various types of fashion accessories but this is the only one store which I found provides such stylist consulting service. They have products for both woman and men. I really love some Tees there and I think I am going to buy one of these. I recommend you to use this site if you're also looking for some changes on your fashion.
Good Luck.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Skype blames windows user for the service outage.

Skype have blamed window user for the service outage in skype last thrusday. They reports the massive reboot in windows computer due to the windows update cause the problme.
Here is the full story from techcrunch.
Skype has finally explained the reasons behind the 36+ hour outage of their popular P2P VOIP service last week: Windows Users.

According to Skype the outage was caused by “a massive restart of our user’s computers across the globe within a very short timeframe as they re-booted after receiving a routine software update” which The Register points out was Microsoft’s monthly patch Tuesday. Patch Tuesday is the time of the month Windows users receive security updates that often result in widespread reboots by Thursday.

Skype said that whilst their peer-to-peer network has an inbuilt ability to self-heal, the event “revealed a previously unseen software bug within the network resource allocation algorithm which prevented the self-healing function from working quickly.”

Personalized News Site

Thoof is another personalized news site. It sounds something similar to digg. But it have more features that digg. People can submit or bookmark news or anything intreseted story or articles on thoof. It also have something similar to wikipedia. People can update a story submitted by other. They call it improve story.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

British gas launches greenest energy tarriff

British gas have annouced that it is launching two new energy tarriffs which they claims to be the greenest tarriff avaialble in the domestic market. I just saw their press release about it. Here is the press release. British gas is a company working on green energy since long time serving the customers.This tariffs launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products in UK. Below is the Press released released by them on 9th august.


9 August 2007: British Gas has announced it is launching two new green energy tariffs, Zero Carbon, which will be the greenest tariff available on the domestic market and Future Energy. British Gas has launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products.

Householders signing up to the Zero Carbon tariff will:
• reduce their household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes which will meet the new Defra requirements
• help fund a direct increase in investment in renewable energy generated in the UK
• contribute to the new British Gas green fund which will:
o invest in developing new renewable technologies such as wave power
o oversee a programme to help schools in the UK reduce their CO2 emissions

GearĂ³id Lane, Managing Director British Gas New Energy said,”Our new tariff responds to consumer demand for truly green energy solutions. It is essential that customers have confidence in green energy tariffs and that their credibility is not damaged by tariffs that claim to be green but in reality do not deliver any incremental environmental benefits. Green tariffs are moving from niche to mainstream products and we’re leading the industry by offering a tariff that will do more for the environment than any other product currently available.”

Under the government’s Renewables Obligation (RO), electricity suppliers in the UK are already required to produce an increasing percentage of their electricity through methods such as wind farms which, unlike traditional power plants, produce zero carbon emissions. For 2007/2008 this figure is set at 7.9%.

In a recent report, the National Consumer Council (NCC) raised concerns that some energy suppliers are packaging electricity which is produced under the RO scheme as “green”, yet it delivers no additional environmental benefits. The NCC called on energy suppliers to take steps beyond their legal requirements and offer green energy tariffs that provide genuine additional environmental benefits, in particular CO2 emissions reduction.

British Gas worked with Global Action Plan and The Climate Group’s “We’re in this Together” campaign to develop Zero Carbon which goes further than any other green tariff in meeting these requirements offering consumers the only zero carbon option on the market.

The tariff carries a premium of £84 per year, reflecting the higher cost of producing energy through lower carbon emission schemes.

Virginia Graham, Chair of Global Action Plan, said, “The British Gas Zero Carbon tariff delivers on all three of the essential requirements of a green tariff which are: additionality, transparency and verifiability. As such it is a very welcome new offering in the market. Consumers signing up to the tariff can be confident that they are getting 12 per cent more renewable energy than they would otherwise have got. The carbon emissions from their electricity and gas will also be offset with emissions reductions from projects accredited by the United Nations.”

Zero Carbon is one of the first initiatives launched through the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, which was launched in April 07 as an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest brands who are all working to help their customers reduce their impact on the climate.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and founder of ‘We’re in this Together’ said, “We’re committed to offering people ways to make a real impact on climate change through We’ve worked with British Gas to ensure that Zero Carbon is a genuine step forward in delivering more environmental benefits than any other tariff currently available.”

British Gas’s second green energy tariff, Future Energy, offers an alternative green electricity tariff at a premium of just £20 per year. Customers signing up to this tariff will contribute to a green fund which will provide solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Money from the fund will also be invested in development of future renewable technologies and sources.

To sign up customers can call British Gas on 0845 604 0055 or visit

Beijing bans 1.3m cars to cut pollution

Beijing Banned more than one million cars from its roads on friday in a test run to improve air quality for the olympics, easing gridlock but failing to lift a curtain of smog from the capital.
More than 6,500 traffic police were on duty across the city to ensure car owners observed the ban, while an extra two million more trips were expected to be take on subways and buses during the day, officials said.
I wonder what will the people who're using those 1.3 million people will use now. I mean its going to be very tough for them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Importance of light fixtures

I am almost all done with the furnitures now for my new office. Now I am looking for something air cooler and good lightings. I can not work in a room with no sufficient air flow and lights so I always be very careful about these things whenever I got new apartment or new office. I can have AC but since I am little low on budget now celeing fan can be ok. I bought some celing fans. Now all I need is ceiling lighting fixtures. Here I came across quite a good site.
Its called They offers so many of light fixtures and outdoor light fixtures in various styles and models. Lighting fixtures are not only for lighting. Its also for a good interiors. I am almost done with my new office space.I am planning to order some light fixtures from now.

Preparing for a holiday

I am a freelancer so I can have vacation whenever I want. That's the good point among a lot of good things about freelancing. Freelancers are like free bird. They can work whenever they want and they can go into vacation. They can find another job if dismissed. I've not yet actually dismissed yet but I've vacation several times in odd time. I am planning a trip to Thailand next month.And this is another odd trip. When all of my friends are working really hard I am going for a vacation.But who cares?
Hotel reservation is always a major problem when planning for a vacation. I used to be tensed for long but now I've found a good place for Hotel Reservations. have very good facility on hotel reservation. Not only hotel reservation, they have other facility too. Like road trip search and destination guide. Hotels or other searches are very good. You can search with any of your requirements. You can search by time, size, city , country and all other requirements.

You can even search hotels by amenities, location and zip code. Site is available in all language. You can even search for a good deal for car, cruise and air planes. Reservation can be done via a toll free number. They have a lot of special packages. They even have alot of infos about entertainments. Gambling, family fun and other.
And they even have cashback facility.Check this for more details.
Its been more than 2 month I'm using this site. I used this three times. Once for my aunts wedding trip to canada and twice for my regular India trip. All were awesome. They served me very well. I've used other reservation systems also before but this is the most easiest and convenient reservation system.

Boat insurance now

I am not sure my car is insured. Its my dads car actually. He may have insurance for this car.Insurance is really good thing for the security for your car and other stuffs. car insurance is not new and available all over the world. But what do you think about boat insurance? Is it available in your area? Its not available in all places I think. It was not available in my place, I shifted here some 1 year ago.
Covermyboat provides insurance for you boats. If your boat is not insured then here is a good way to make it secure. They have insurance facility for almost all kind of boats. They have very good informations on their side about boat insurance if you're not sure about the process and procedures.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Suitable furnitures for home

I was looking for some new furnitures for my home in the shops. I got bored. Didnt found anything so good actually. I see some really expensive products.But they are not too good. I mean they are just like before. I was needing something very new and something which I've never used before. Actually i am also setting up an office so needing some good funitures. Then I thought of searching into Internet. There are lots of products available in Internet.

I do not shop much for furnitures online but I know some very good places for online furniture shopping. I was looking for a storage bed and foundqueen size storage bed from Furniture From Home. They have very good collections of furnitures in very reasonable price. They've lots of other good products,however queen storage bed is the best one I found there with under bed storage. I am probably gonna buy it. They've products ranging from Bedroom Sets, Living Room Sets, Dining Room Sets, Home Office Furniture and Leather Furniture. Hence one should not look into other site for other products. So, I recommend you using this site, if you're looking for some furnitures.
Happy shopping!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Stock furnitures store

Here I came across a good furniture site which have good deals on every kind of furnitures. Its called modern furniture. They sell stock furnitures. Since I was looking for some furnitures for my new office and my home I was searching for affordable store. I do not earn much so I need to find cheap ones. The price in Modern furniture is unbelievable. You can get one in almost half of the regular price in other stores.
They've fast and easy nationwide shipping facility. Its a very easy funiture shopping site which have all kind of furnitures ranging from sofa sets, chairs , beds, dining table and other modern furnitures. They have a good offer for you if you want to buy something now. They are giving 1 coffee and 1 end table on purchase of cappuccino brown leather sectional sofa with ottoman. It can save you more than 400$. and of course a flat fee shipping facility to all over state is another good things about them.
Go grab it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Restaurant Financing

I came across a site which provides restaurant financing some minutes ago. Starting a business has been very easy these days.You can get financial support for the startup easily. The site I came across provide short term, working capital for merchants in all 50 states in United States. This organization is managed by industry veterans with extensive experience in the small to medium-sized restaurant and retail industries.They provide loans for different time frame according to the particular applicant’s credit worthiness and business circumstances. More information here.

Scripps Buys Photo/Video Sharing Service Pickle For $4.7 Million

Scripps is going serious on buying online. They are now buying audio and video media sharing service Here is the full article from
Scripps Networks (NYSE: SSP) is serious about its online buys...last month it announced buying of Recipezaar for around $25 million. Now it announced that it is buying audio and video media sharing service and the user-generated content management platform that comes with it. Update: We’ve confirmed that the price is about $4.7 million.

Pickle, based in Washington DC, will help Scripps add these media sharing capabilities across their network of lifestyle sites. The site was launched to the public in June last year, and has been privately funded by the founders and outside angel investment. My guess is the price was in single digital millions The price is $4.7 million, and is mainly for the technology. More in release.

Deanna Brown, president of Scripps Networks Interactive Group, spoke at our LA Mid-Year digital media review panel two weeks ago..the audio from that panel is here.

Updated 2: Also, Scripps filed its 10-Q for Q2 today, and it confirmed the Recipezaar acquisition price we mentioned last month: $25 million. Also, some oncern at their two aquisitions at Shozilla and uSwitch (some of which the company addressed at the Q2 call): Its Q2 referral fee revenue was lower than the prior year period due to changing market conditions. Lower energy costs in UK have resulted in a softer switching market at uSwitch, it said. :We continue to push the expansion of uSwitch into other service categories, including personal finance and insurance. The vigorous competition for keywords in the search engine marketplace continued in the second quarter and resulted in modestly lower referral fee revenue at Shopzilla compared to the same period a year ago.”

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment system.

Psoriasis has been a big problem to a lot of people now. There are so many of the hospital and clinics offering treatment on this. Blue Lagoon - Clinic is one of those treatment centers. Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment is a unique natural treatment based on bathing in in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater. Ingredients like minerals, silica and algae is included into the seawater hence it makes the water more effective for the treatment.
They have very familiar treatment environment.All treatment guests need to have a referral from a dermatologist. You can find the full information about treatment here.

Listening music inside facebook

I found a new way to listen music.
Its facebook. You can listen music within facebook.Its cool. My internet is not so fast so i didnt really enjoyed it but I can found allmost all song inside facebook. Even i listened some underground songs.
However it can be defined as another form of privacy its really another cool thing about facebook. Recently I also added payperpost application on my facebook profile which will be more easier for me to see oppertunity. Even more easier than payperpost itself.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stock market blog

Recently I bought some shares of a bank. I have not much experience on Bank shares but let see. This is the first time I invested on Bank. I was not actually intrested yet ,but my uncle forced me to do it. He said this is better than telecommunication on which I am investing.

Here is a blog about stock market I just found. This is called The Wizetrade Blog The blog seems pretty new but if already have some cool informations. I like the post 10 Common Mistakes that New Traders Make. They have good points there. Other posts are also useful, but there are only few posts. I recommend seeing this blog from starting if you are intresting on stock market.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Auctionads sold

The newest and proabably the most popular affiliate network marketing site www.auctionads has been recently sold. The site was developed by jeremy shoemaker of shoemoney media in association with mediawhiz. Now mediawhiz, who also runs textlinkads and reviewme fully aquires Auctionads.

Temperature monitoring products

Datapaq manufactures temperature profiling and analysis systems for use in industrial heat treating processes.They've established world-wide reputation for their quality and reliable products. Their products ranges from paint and coatings to ceramics and other electronic products. One of their best product is standard temperature monitoring system. They have two type of temperature monitoring system, one is called OvenXL and another EasyTrack systems. They also have data loggers. Their data loggers are robust reliable and accurate.XL data logger, easy track data loggers are some of them. They are very we designed and comes in many designs and shapes. Thermal Barriers, Oven Tracker Insight Software and other Oven Tracker system are also available on Datapaq. They also have cool informations on temperature profiling. I found it very interesting and useful. You can see that here.Temperature profiling is the process of recording and interpreting temperatures of products and/or air through a conveyorized process (or during a batch process). The data is displayed as a graph/profile and as numeric data and its useful for optimizing your process, prove process control and make corrections when required.

Massachusetts a beautiful place

Massachusetts in one of the hottest destination for real estate and properties. I've seen too many people shifting there from other states. I've visited this place couple of times and its awesome. I have a wonderful memory in the club in Massachusetts where I met a beautiful girl hehe. I met her last week in New Delhi. Massachusetts have wonderful real estates as well as the wonderful girls.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Home and office furnitures

Furnitures are the accesories which describes man status. And everybody knows that. If you're going to set up an office then you first thing definitely about the office space and furniture. I've just managed to by some furniture for my new office. Its looking really cool. If the furnitures are good, let me tell you one thing, you will love to work more. Its my experience.
I saw severeal funiture sets on this Home Office Furniture site. This site have numbers of good furniture available for sale. They have bedroom furniture, Living Room Furnitures. They are pretty expensive for me but it might not be for you. You can choose furniture by your desired colour,style and according to your room. This is a good site.

Online tutoring service

Online tutoring has become very useful and popular tutoring system these days. Its easy and does not cost much. Thats the reason behind the popularity of online tutoring system. There are so many online tutoring services which offers online tutoring in various subjects and in the various rates and methodologies. One is I heard in ABC television some days ago. Its called Tutorvista. After that show I search quite a bit about tutovista and I think its really good online tutoring system.
They have online tutoring service for almost all subjects. Ranging from math tutoring, history, chemistry, physics, economics, calculous and many more. They even have sat exam preparation online tutoring. Of course they have all other language courses including SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
Another good thing about them is they have special tutoring for all branch of math or any other subject. You can only choose geometry tutoring if you are good on other. Online tutoring have made the study really easy.