Thursday, March 06, 2008

LifeLock Promotion Code

Identity theft is the most concerned topic these days. Identity theft can happen anywhere. Online or Offline. On Store or on a ride. And that can ruin your life, that can get yourself into very big problem. There are various kind of identity theft defined. Financial identity theft, criminal identity theft , commercial identity theft and identity cloning etc. Identity theft ranges from bank account takeovers,passing bad checks ,unauthorized Credit card uses, using fake id and details. Other form of Identify theft can be identifying someone to police as another individual, a criminal acquires personal identifiers etc.

Lifelock is one of the top Identity theft protector. Which offers proven identity protection service. Their service also includes spam protection, free credit reports, protection from unsolicited credit card offers and many more. Their protect your identity for 10$ per month. And you can still save money from that price usng Lifelock promo code. You can check for Lifelock promotion code. You can save $21 USD if you subscribe for a year using their promo code RD17. This site also has some interesting news and articles about Identity theft. And also some tips,value comparison between different programs, tricks to prevent from identity theft.

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